The Precinct Gets New Trailer Showcasing a Day in the Life of an Averno City Beat Cop

Publisher Kwalee and developer Fallen Tree Games have released a new trailer for upcoming title The Precinct. The trailer, which you can check out below, offers a substantial look at the game.

Narrated by art director Lewis Boadle, the new trailer gives us a look at some of the things expected of a beat cop who is out doing their job in Averno City. The trailer showcases some of the game’s police-centric gameplay mechanics, such as how patrols work.

The Precinct seeks to meld gameplay based on police procedurals with an open world. The game will feature procedurally-generated crime, which can range quite a bit in terms of severity. One of the early examples revealed during the game’s announcements featured parking violations, as well as more intense crimes like shootouts and gang wars.

The game has been described by the studio as a love letter to classic cop movies, and is based in a 1980s noir setting.

Originally announced last year, The Precinct is coming to PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, and is set for release some time in 2024.