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Not sure how to kill Titans in Attack on Titan Revolution? It’s a skill you have to master! If you want to complete missions successfully and gather tons of rewards for completing quests, you’re gonna have to know how to defeat them with ease!

Try your might against the Titans and launch the game via the Roblox page! Have a nosey at our Attack on Titan Revolution Quest guides to discover how you can earn a variety of rewards ranging from EXP, spins, gems, and more.

How to Kill Titans in Attack on Titan Revolution

Defeating Titans is the main aim of the game! So, if you’re struggling to do that, hopefully, this guide can help. There’s a certain strategy that you need to take when going up against Titans, especially if there are multiple at once. It’s best to unlock the skills that allow you to deal with AoE damage so that you can injure the limbs of all surrounding Titans.

The Weak Spot

If you’re playing this game, it’s more than likely that you know how it’s done in the series. The nape of a Titan is its weak spot! Slicing here instantly defeats a Titan, but it can be tough getting to that spot in the first place. Utilising your ODM gear is key, as you can quickly zoom past the nape and strike. It’s definitely easier said than done though! Speaking of ODM gear, make sure your hook assist is activated too.

When struggling to reach the nape, the first thing you need to do is weaken the Titan. You can do this by attacking its limbs, especially its legs and ankles. This debilitates the Titan for a period of time! Using this method with skills that stun Titans is a must. However, you can strike the nape without doing either of those things. You just need to perfect the way you manoeuvre around the map with your ODM gear. Read our Attack on Titan Revolution ODM gear guide to learn more!

Control is Key

At the end of the day, it’s all about how you control your ODM gear. Remaining on the ground is a quick way to getting squashed, so maintaining airtime is paramount. You can use your ODM gear to jump upwards without having to grapple onto a nearby tree or building once you get the hang of it. Just make sure your gas canisters aren’t running low! To better your control of the ODM gear, remember to invest in ODM control buffs.