Helldivers 2 The Illuminate leak shows a weapon of a never before seen enemy

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The Illuminate is coming to Helldivers 2, we just don’t know when right now. The futuristic creatures are said to be coming following a black hole event caused by the Super Weapon that is currently being developed as part of the story, so it shouldn’t be too long before they make themselves known to the Helldivers. Ahead of their eventual appearance, many in-game models have been leaked from character models, animations, weapons, and more.

In a post on Reddit by prominent leaker U/IronS1ghts, an in-game model for a whip weapon was revealed. This will be used by the Summoner enemy, a brand new enemy that will come to the game and wasn’t seen in the first Helldivers game. According to IronS1ghts, the Whip will have three animations for different abilities and uses. These are Front_Snap, Slash, and Slash_Obstacle.

Image via u/IronS1ghts on Reddit

There is currently very limited information regarding The Illuminate, especially when it comes to enemies that weren’t featured in Helldivers 1, such as the Summoner. One piece of information we do know is that the Summoner will be able to “summon ghouls and open warp gates,” so it does hint at the possibility that these could be similar to the grunt-like Automaton Trooper enemies that act as cannon fodder but can also call in Drop Ships.

While we wait for The Illuminate to eventually make themselves known, it is time to eradicate everything that moves as the current Major Order calls for the destruction of over 3.1 billion Automatons and Terminids. To ensure victory over the enemy, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can figure out what are the best items to unlock in the Warbonds and bring democracy to the galaxy.