Skyrim swit and other insults

Skyrim swit, n’wah, fetcher, milk drinker, and other flavorful insults are the perfect way to make enemies and alienate people in The Elder Scrolls universe. Because, beyond the standard ‘hello, how are you?’ and ‘my name is’, the first thing everyone wants to know when learning a new language is how to swear and curse, right? Plus, when every other enemy that jumps out of a bush is yelling ‘swit’ at you, it feels pretty important to understand what it means so you can throw it back in kind.

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Now, let’s take a look at the meaning of Skyrim swit and other insults.

Keep in mind that many of these translations are unconfirmed, and are based on historical translations and mutations of words or community beliefs.

Dunmer Skyrim insults

  • Swit (of S’wit) – abbreviation of ‘slackwit’ or ‘slow-witted’, similar to our ‘idiot’ or ‘fool’
  • Fetcher – stupid, scoundrel
  • Milk-drinker – childish, weak
  • N’wah – foreigner, invader, slave
  • Nchow (or N’chow) – exclamation of profanity, likely similar to our ‘damn’
  • B’vek – mutation of ‘by Vivec’, similar to our colloquialism exclamation of ‘oh my god’

Argonian Skyrim insults

  • Xuth or Xhuth – an angry/rude interjection, believed to mean ‘enough!’
  • Kaoc – crap
  • Waxhutil, waxhuthi – ‘that’s enough’ or ‘dammit’
  • Lukiul – a slur towards ‘assimilated’ Argonians who live under the Imperial’s ways
  • Thtachalxan (direct translation ‘drykiller’) – a slur towards the non-Argonian guard unit in Lilmoth

Altmer Skyrim insults

  • Nebarra – foreigner, outsider

Nord Skyrim insults

  • Snowback – likely means ‘weak’ (implies you’re often found defeated with your back in the snow)
  • Milk-drinker – childish, weak
  • Greyskin – a slur for Dunmers
  • Shor’s bones – an exclamation of surprise or shock, like our ‘what on earth?’
  • Orkey’s beard – an exclamation of surprise or shock, like our ‘what on earth?’

Khajiit Skyrim insults

  • Renrij (plural renrija/renriji) – scum, ruffian
  • Jekosiit – a general insult, translated in the Ta’agra Project as ‘sheep-shagger’

Orsimer Skyrim insults

  • Tusk – crude word for sex, used as their version of ‘fuck’

Redguard Skyrim insults

  • Tobr’a – useless
  • Nikriin – coward
  • Ruth – damn
  • Zaam – slave

General Skyrim insults

  • Cur – worthless, cowardly
  • Lizard, scaleskin – slur towards Argonians
  • Knife-ear – slur towards elves
  • Furless, clawless, or housecat – slur towards Khajiit implying weakness

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