Disney will let creators use its IP to make games in Fortnite | Pocket Gamer.biz

The Walt Disney Company will allow Fortnite creators to make “Disney-themed gaming experiences” through its new games and entertainment universe built in partnership with Epic Games.

Earlier this year, Disney invested $1.5 billion into Epic as part of a multi-year project to develop an “entertainment universe” developed with Unreal Engine that will “interoperate” with hit battle royale game Fortnite.

At the time, the firm said it would enable consumers to “play, watch, shop and engage with content, characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar and more”.

Elaborating on the partnership, the company said it would bolster the reach of its “time-test stories to gamers worldwide” by letting creators use its IP. It did not state to what extent, however.

“This new universe will not only give users the chance to play and interact with Disney content but will offer them the opportunity to create their own wholly unique Disney-themed gaming experiences, too,” read a statement.

No further details on Disney’s upcoming project with Epic were announced.

“Biggest entry ever”

Walt Disney Company CEO Robert Iger previously called the deal with Epic the firm’s “biggest entry ever into the world of games”.

“Our exciting new relationship with Epic Games will bring together Disney’s beloved brands and franchises with the hugely popular Fortnite in a transformational new games and entertainment universe,” said Iger during the initial announcement.

“This marks Disney’s biggest entry ever into the world of games and offers significant opportunities for growth and expansion. We can’t wait for fans to experience the Disney stories and worlds they love in groundbreaking new ways.”

Epic has previously partnered with LEGO, which invested $1 billion in the Fortnite maker, launching new islands in the battle royale title that feature themed survival and sandbox game modes.

LEGO prefabs, devices, tools and more were later made available in Fortnite Creative and Unreal Engine for Fortnite for creators to build their own LEGO islands.