Hardest Trophies In The Game


  • Living Legend, obtained by mastering all challenges and leaving with 100% completion, is the proudest trophy in
    Ghost of Tsushima
  • Body, Mind, and Spirit trophy requires the completion of all activities like Hot Springs and Haiku to upgrade Jin’s potential.
  • Honor the Unseen takes players on a hunt for hidden altars without map help, requiring keen exploration skills.

While Ghost of Tsushima has different difficulties to make the game more accessible for those looking for an easier time, there are still some trophies out there that will take some time to earn, and other Ghost of Tsushima trophies that will honor players with the true burden of difficulty, creating intense challenges that die-hard fans will want to complete.


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Since Ghost of Tsushima delves deep into themes of honor, it’s only right that the game presents some hard achievements to earn that will have players put on a pedestal above the rest for completing. Some of these trophies have extremely rare completion rates due to their difficulty and craft, so which of these will players try and earn?

The stats of these trophies were taken from
Ghost of Tsushima
: Directors Cut on the official statistics of the PlayStation 5 version of the game.

10 Living Legend

Obtain All Trophies

Ghost of Tsushima Jin Sakai smiling medium close-up white headband

  • Platinum Trophy
  • 8.0% of players earned

The proudest trophy to add to the collection, Living Legend is granted to players who have earned all other 51 trophies in Ghost of Tsushima’s base game. The Platinum is always the rarest when it comes to the base game trophies, due to the fact that players must put in the work to earn it. Whether that’s completing all missions or battling through challenges, all of it must be completed to earn the title of Living Legend, and to leave the game with 100% completion and mastery over all that Ghost of Tsushima has to offer.

9 Body, Mind, and Spirit

Complete All Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes

golden leaf hotspring

  • Silver Trophy
  • 11.5% of players earned

Ghost of Tsushima has a plethora of activities to explore across its expansive and beautiful open world. Across players’ journey and Jin’s exploration, they are going to find plenty of new and exciting things to discover, and some, even upgrade Jin’s potential. This trophy requires players to complete essentially all those activities that are found across Tsushima itself, with Hot Springs, Haiku, Inari Shrines, and Bamboo Strikes in abundance.

Here’s a look at just how many each of these activities are since there are 102 of them:

8 Cooper Clan Cosplayer

Dress Up As A Legendary Thief


  • Silver Trophy
  • 8.9% of players earned

Whilst it might not seem like a hard feat to get Jin Sakai changed into a different outfit, it should be noted that most players are unlikely to combine these different pieces of clothing to create the necessity for the Cooper Clan Cosplayer trophy. It’s a fun easter egg that pays tribute to Sucker Punch’s classic PlayStation mascot, Sly Cooper, and players will need to assemble a few things to obtain it:

  • Gasaku Armor (Complete The Unbreakable Gosaku, a Mythic Tale)
  • Ocean’s Guardian Dye (Purchased at Kamiagata’s merchant for 10 flowers)
  • Crooked Kama Headband (On top of Jogaku Temple’s pagoda)
  • Sly Tanuki Sword Kit )located at the Pillar of Honor, north-east Iwai Village)

7 Dirge Of The Fallen Forge

Play The “Lament Of The Storm” At A Friend’s Grave

horizon armor in ghost of tsushima forbidden shrine (1)

  • Bronze Trophy
  • 9.5% of players earned

Progressing enough through Ghost of Tsushima’s main story to reach Act 3, players are going to need to pay their respects to a dear friend who was fatally killed during Act 2. Most players are going to miss this location, hence the rareness of its appearance in players’ trophy cases.


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To earn Dirge of the Fallen Forge, players must also have the Lament of the Storm song, which can be achieved through obtaining 5 singing crickets. Then, players need to head over to the grave, found East of Yarikawa, and play the song here to pop the trophy and honor a loss. Here are some easy singing cricket locations:

  • Golden Temple
  • Golden Forest
  • Yoichi’s Crossroads
  • Old Woodman’s Canopy
  • Takuzudama Cemetery

6 Honor The Unseen

Bow To 10 Hidden Altars Across Tsushima

PC Preview

  • Bronze Trophy
  • 10.4% of players earned

Players are always going to have a hard time earning a trophy if they don’t know where to look. Honor the Unseen will have players venture across Tsushima in search of 10 hidden altars. The altars are simple signposts that have an image of a samurai bowing. The problem is that these locations are unmarked, meaning players have to find them on their own accord and with independence from tracking on the map or the guiding wind. Once at these hidden altars, players need to swipe down on the Trigger Pad to make Jin bow and confirm that they’ve made it work through an event occurring, which could be leaves blowing in the winds, fireflies dancing, or crabs appearing.

Here are 10 hidden alters found in Act One:




A small dock by Kechi Fishing Village’s river


A small dock by Traveler’s Rest Inn’s river


At Yoichi’s Crossroads’ cemetery


Mongol camp North East of Kashine Forest


Rushing Water Crossing’s small dock


Tadayori’s Rest


Komatsu Forge’s cemetery


At the lone tree in Izuhara Clearing


Pillar of Honor, North of Kaneda Inlet


Entrance of Mending Rock Shrine

5 A Legend For All Time

Complete Jin’s Journey In New Game Plus

Jin Sakai Killing Mongol

  • Silver Trophy
  • 2.5% of players earned

Many players wouldn’t have obtained this trophy, specifically because they are unlikely to repeat the story once they have finished Ghost of Tsushima. Even though Ghost of Tsushima has an outstanding story, filled with tragedy and intrigue, some players are unlikely to head straight back in, especially since New Game Plus has enemies hit harder, faster, and with more unpredictability. New Game Plus is a greater challenge to face, and considering everything resets, except players’ upgrades and sets, deters some from beginning anew.

4 Cursed No More

Purify A Cursed Piece Of Gear

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Spirit Kunai

  • Bronze Trophy
  • 2.2% of players earned

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is a surprisingly fun addition, featuring an online mode with exciting combat players have familiarized themselves with Ghost of Tsushima. In order to earn the Cursed No More trophy, players need to not only earn a piece of gear that has a randomized chance to be cursed, but they also need to purify it with a random challenge needed to do so.


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It’s rare to acquire this gear, and players must equip the piece of gear during a gold difficulty mode, meaning they will be underpowered against some truly tough foes.

3 A Painful Blockage

Summon Five Shades In A Single Rivals Match

Ghost of Tsushima Legends Rivals Mode.

  • Bronze Trophy
  • 1.5% of players earned

Another difficult trophy awaiting those who brave Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, this rival and mastery challenge will require players to collect Magatama in the Rivals mode. Whether it’s scattered around the map or collected from slain enemies, players will need plenty in order to head to the altars at the starting area of the map. At these altars, summon a shade for 5 Magatama, and hope that the enemy team kills them, so that players can send another, up to five times in total. It might be a luck of the draw considering the enemy team might not bother with the shade, or the player’s team collecting too much Magatama, finishing the match before 5 shades are summoned.

2 Transcendence

Complete All 3 Raid Chapters

Samurai standing before a gate in Ghost of Tsushima Legends

  • Gold Trophy
  • 1.0% of players earned

A true feat for anyone who is brave enough to venture into the more challenging content of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. Players must first hold a mastery of the game, due to the fact that they need a Ki level of 100. This will unlock Raids, a highly difficult game mode where communication is essential and a strong team is vital. Players will need to complete all three chapters of the Raid, and there are plenty of disadvantages. From time limits to communication, and the fact that the mission ends if someone dies, each chapter is going to have a flurry of challenges that prove why this trophy is so hard, and why the completion rate is so low.

1 Ultimate Warrior

Reach Rank 20 With All Roles

Ghost of Tsushima Legends all four classes against a red background

  • Silver Trophy
  • 1.0% of players earned

Whilst the base game of Ghost of Tsushima has some grindy aspects to it, there are none quite like Ultimate Warrior, found in the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends DLC. Whilst it’s not hard to complete for most, the fact that players have to repeat the game modes endlessly to level up the four different character classes is definitely going to get to some players, especially since they all have unique styles of play that could compliment or deter players. The four classes must all reach Level 20, and those are:

  • Samurai
  • Hunter
  • Ronin
  • Assassin

Ghost of Tsushima DIRECTOR’S CUT

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut