Warcraft Rumble set to add Sieges, Raids and a whole lot more in upcoming s

  • Warcraft Rumble seasons 6 and 7 are well on the way
  • Featuring new troops, raids, sieges and more
  • Check out what’s coming in our article

Warcraft Rumble’s first major content drop is right around the corner, and it’s a suitably beefy one adding new modes, additions to the roster and more. The most significant new features are the Raid and Siege modes, both of which are co-op, letting you team up with another player to take on a series of mini-missions.

The first target in Siege mode will be the famous city of Stormwind, challenging you to complete three bite-sized missions, using a unique leader for each boss. Meanwhile, Raid will take you to the Molten Core, and a battle against Ragnaros, with increasingly powerful rewards along the journey, with the ultimate prize of recruiting Ragnaros himself as a leader. Season 6, featuring these additions, launches May 29th.

Total meltdown

Naturally, there are also additions to the roster with the Cenarion family coming in Season 7 on June 10th. As you can see in the preview video above at the moment we’ve only got a chance to see one unit, the Faerie Dragon, but the update promises at least two leaders and three new minis for you to duke it out with.

The decision to add Raids and Sieges also comes alongside numerous QoL improvements, including the expansion of Guilds to accommodate more players. Given how games like Warcraft and World of Warcraft have thrived based on their social aspect, it’s no surprise that this has been a top priority for the developers.

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