3 Ways to Obtain a Type Soul True Hogyoku – Gamezebo

Can’t quite work out where to get a Type Soul True Hogyoku? It requires some farming – and not the type with crops. There are 3 ways to possibly obtain a True Hogyoku!

Visit the official Type Soul Roblox page to start farming for a True Hogyoku! Before you start the grind though, check out our All Grades in Type Soul guide and our How to Meditate in Type Soul guide.

Type Soul True Hogyoku

As the name suggests, the usage of the True Hogyoku is just what you think it is. Obtaining and using a True Hogyoku allows you to upgrade your normal Vizard, Vastocar, or Letzt Stil into their True variants.

How to Obtain a True Hogyoku

For a True Hogyoku, you need to farm specific types of content. The first option is ranked matches, the second is raids, and the third is Clan Wars. The True Hogyoku item has a chance to drop from any of these 3 options! So, if you get bored doing one of them, you can switch to the other.


Raids can spawn in Hueco Mundo, Karakura Town, and Soul Society. It doesn’t matter which area you take part in, as the drops are practically the same – and you’re here for the Hogyoku anyway! At the end of a raid, loot will drop, and there’s a small chance that a True Hogyoku will appear. If your team wins the raid, you may receive some extra loot too, further increasing your chances.

Clan Wars

If you’re in a clan, you can take part in Clan Wars to be in with a chance of getting a True Hogyoku. Somebody in your clan can host a Clan Wars lobby, or you can host it yourself via the Special tab. At the end of the match, rewards will drop, and a True Hogyoku could potentially be in the loot pool!

Ranked Matches

To increase your chances of a True Hogyoku dropping in a ranked match, you need to have accumulated a total of 50K Elo. In short, it’s Gold Rank! You just need to make sure that your character’s build is strong enough to go against other players in PvP. While PvP isn’t always the most enjoyable way to play, it’s a quick way to farm for loot, especially compared to raids. Winning a ranked match boosts your chances even further