New Star GP Update Adds Some Steering Wheel Support, Improvements

A new update for New Star GP has released today adding steering wheel support for Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T150 models. However, it’s important to note a couple of limitations: force feedback is not supported and there might be some discrepancies in button iconography on the UI depending on your wheel model. The team also introduced a toggle for switching between MPH and KPH in the settings menu. As of now, the update is exclusively accessible for PC users, with a console patch slated for release following feedback from the initial PC update. Check out the patch notes below and our review, just in case you missed it.

  • – IMPROVED: Rendering performance in races
  • – IMPROVED: CPU optimisation in races
  • – IMPROVED: Messaging around replaying or attempting to replay GPs
  • – IMPROVED: Translations
  • – FIXED: Incorrect keyboard steering when mouse steer is enabled.
  • – FIXED: Incorrect track loading after a pre-race phone call or dilemma.
  • – FIXED: Decal positioning on some car bodies
  • – FIXED: Incorrect instructions on Brisbane 2020 GP
  • – FIXED: Missing characters in some languages
  • – FIXED: Season reset button visibility logic
  • – FIXED: Visual behaviour of leaderboard when resetting season
  • – FIXED: Occasional progression blockers caused by the RPG waterfalls
  • – FIXED: Grass showing through curbs on certain tracks
  • – FIXED: Erroneous split time when in last place
  • – FIXED: Entering a race with a maxed out car and leased technology causing non-progression
  • – FIXED: Losing one or both wings now counts as a component failure towards achievements.
  • – FIXED: Occasional UI misbehaviour on the Profile Screen
  • – FIXED: MP Leaderboard button states and general appearance