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If you don’t know how to unlock the Legacy Piece Fighting Styles, have a read of this guide! There are 3 Fighting Styles (other than the base one) to wield in Legacy Piece, but how and where do you obtain them?

Visit the game’s official Roblox page to unlock a new Fighting Style. Before you go, have a nosey at our Legacy Piece Weapons guide and our Legacy Piece Weapons Tier List which ranks all of the obtainable melee and ranged weapons!

Legacy Piece Fighting Styles

Fighting Styles are exclusive combat abilities that can only be unlocked with Beli (or by rolling the Mink race!). All players should obtain at least one of them, as they significantly change the way battles play out in the game. It’s not recommended to go against tough enemies while only using the base Fist Fighting Style!


Every player starts with the Fist Fighting Style. It’s lacklustre at best, with just your fists to use alongside your weapon. It’s boring, but not overly weak. Still, if you’re playing an RPG, you want the coolest abilities! There’s not really anything else to say about this one, other than the fact that Minks are the only race that doesn’t start with it.


If you’re lucky enough to roll Mink when using your spins for a new race, you automatically obtain the Electro Fighting Style. For those that don’t have it, you need to make your way to Mink Island (a level 80-95 area) to find the Electro Trainer NPC called Lizzy in the temple – she dresses in all-white with bunny ears! Talk to her to purchase the Electro Fighting Style for a total of 1K Beli. This Fighting Style grants you the power to wield electricity in combat, with a move called Electric Claws. This move buffs your DMG for a short while!

Black Leg

The Black Leg Fighting Style is purchasable from the Sanji NPC on Baratie (a level 65-80 area). He stands on the top floor and offers you this Fighting Style for 1K Beli. If you’ve watched One Piece, you’ll know who to look for when in search of Sanji! If not, he has yellowish-blonde hair, a tiny bit of facial hair, and is most likely wearing a suit. Want to play as Sanji? Then unlock the Black Leg Fighting Style! It’s the closest you’ll get to utilising his powers.

One Sword Style (Or 1SS)

Zoro fans will know what this is! The obtainment process for this Fighting Style differs slightly from the others. You have to spend 1K Beli to unlock the questline from the Sofen Gym Trainer on the 1SS Island. This NPC should be standing somewhere around the buildings ahead of the dock. Once you complete said questline, you unlock the 1SS Fighting Style! As the name suggests, this Fighting Style focuses on using 1 sword.