Helldivers 2 players want these voice lines added to the game

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One of the great things about Helldivers 2 is the level of customization you can make to your character. Which, anyone that hasn’t played the game yet may not understand as players are just faceless soldiers. But you can choose your helmet, armor, and cape, with the armors each having their own stats and perks, as well as other minor details including the body shape, voice actor, and even the name of your ship.

As Helldivers 2 continues to grow and new content is added, players are hoping to see the ship names added as voice lines for when joining missions, rather than the generic “Allied destroyer has joined squadron” line that you hear for every player.

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The Reddit community has come together to collectively ask for this to be included, while also having some fun with some potential names that players can choose. U/WorldWiseWilk agreed with this feature being added to the game saying “This. I want this. Give me those announcer voice lines for every combination of every ship. They could be recorded in batches of individual selections, the prefix and the suffix,” while also noting their ship is called SES Will Of War, which is a pretty cool name.

U/icebreakers0 unexpectedly found an army of “Fist of Family Values” members with u/DuntadaMan saying “Oh hey, I’m not the only one!” and u/w00ticus saying “SES FIST OF FAMILY VALUES squadron supremacy.”

This could be achieved in a single voice recording session and then utilizing editing to have the game seamlessly splice the four sections together, SES/Ship Name 1/of/Ship Name 2. U/ForwardToNowhere also suggested using AI to do this as it could read the ship name and use a text-to-speech function to repeat the name without any editing involved.

However Arrowhead Game Studios implements it, if they decide to, it would be a great feature to add to bring some individuality and character to the player.

I went with SES Halo of Truth as my ship name. Being a Halo fan it reminded me of the mission Truth and Reconciliation and works well together. To me, it is the perfect name to use as I spread democracy to the galaxy.

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