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Our Traversal Walkthrough guide discusses the best methods of remaining undetected, and what to do if you find yourself engaging in combat!

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Traversal Walkthrough

Traversal is probably one of the toughest games that I’ve experienced on the Roblox platform. The game prioritises your stealth more than anything, with combat being of secondary importance. The more you can avoid combat, the better.


I know I said to avoid combat as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attack. The beginning of the game teaches you that takedowns can be completed once the enemy emits a red glowing circle.

This is to let you know that a successful takedown can be done, as you sneak up behind them with your weapon. This is the preferred way of defeating enemies, but it can’t always be done. If an enemy detects you beforehand, you cannot perform a takedown.

There will be times when an enemy approaches you head-on, so this is the perfect time to practice your fighting skills. Make sure to pick up any weapons that you find as you explore – knives seem to be extremely prevalent!

Knives are actually the quietest weapon in the game, so when you perform a takedown, try to do it with a knife. Loud takedowns will alert nearby enemies!

Your weapon may fall out of your hands when you’re attacked by an enemy, so watch out. If this happens, search the floor quickly to retrieve it. Hitting the enemy with only your fists will do nothing when they’re wielding a large axe, so make sure you always have a weapon equipped. Killing an enemy means you can get their weapon!

Staying Undetected

Remain in the shadows when possible and crouch as much as you can. Some of the flooring can make noise as you walk across, particularly the wooden planks. When walking across a noisy bit of flooring, you need to stay in the sneaking position as you move.

This will still make some noise, but it’s a lot quieter than sprinting or walking as normal. Try not to sprint much, as this is a surefire way of being found. The building has a lot of corners to hide behind, so stay close to every wall while you try to scan for any danger.

If you remain in the shadows while an enemy is wandering around, you can eventually ambush them with a sneak attack. You never know when an enemy may appear, so you should never walk straight into a new area without checking first.

Look around you at all times, hug the walls, and be on the lookout constantly as you move through the building. Opening doors makes some significant noise as you cut through the wood, with metal clanging to the ground. You need to be prepared for an enemy on the way after detecting the sound.

You can hit walls to lure an enemy to you, as this noise alerts them. Be careful with this method though, as you want to make sure they don’t walk around the wall or corner to find you. They’ll move over to where you are, but they’ll leave if you remain silent. This is when you can strike with a takedown!

Second Area

Once you get out of the main building, you need to make your way across an outdoor area. This space is a lot more open, with fewer walls to hide behind, and shadows to disappear into. Utilise objects found on the ground to hide, such as plants. Or, search for random walls scattered throughout the area.