Well-received Steam title Boxes: Lost Fragments launches on the App Store

Solve intricate puzzle boxes on your quest for answers.

  • Play as a legendary thief.
  • Solve a variety of challenging puzzle boxes.
  • Unravel the mystery surrounding the manor.

Boxes: Lost Fragments, a new point-and-click adventure title from publisher Snapbreak Games, is now available on the App Store. The game is not yet available on Google Play; however, it is open for pre-registration. The game launched on Steam back in February where it boasts very positive reviews. Despite its recent release, the game already boasts a rating of 4.4 on the App Store.

Boxes: Lost Fragments thrusts you into the role of a legendary thief who finds themselves lured to a lavish estate by a new assignment. Upon arriving, you come across a series of puzzle boxes. The purpose of these puzzle boxes eludes you. As you progress, you come to realize you are not in control of the events that are unfolding around you.

Making your way through the manor, you soon come to the conclusion that it is no ordinary home. What was meant to be an in-and-out job soon becomes a troublesome quest for answers and freedom. You’ll discover hidden objects and unravel the manor’s in-depth mystery as you solve puzzle box after puzzle box.

This challenging puzzle adventure title takes inspiration from some of the best escape room games. The title includes 20 puzzle boxes to test your wit and puzzle-solving skills. Each puzzle box features a beautifully intricate and distinct design. The game boasts gorgeous 3D graphics and challenging puzzles that will force you to think outside the box.

Boxes: Lost Fragments is available on the App Store and Steam and will soon be available for Android users via Google Play. You can learn more about this adventure game by visiting the Boxes: Lost Fragments’ official website.

Additionally, you can keep up with all the game’s latest news by following its developer Big Loop Studios on TikTok, Instagram or X (Twitter). Additionally, you can learn more by following publisher SnapBreak Games on X (Twitter).