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Didn’t listen to Levi’s lesson? Read our Attack on Titan Revolution ODM Gear guide instead! I’ve summarised the stats of the all-important gear, as well as how important upgrades really are.

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Attack On Titan Revolution ODM Gear

If you’ve watched Attack on Titan before, you’ll know exactly what ODM gear is! It works more or less the same in Attack on Titan Revolution, but this time, you’re in control of it instead. By using the ODM gear, you can easily manoeuvre around the map whilst simultaneously dealing damage to the Titan.

Gear Stats

The ODM gear has its own set of stats, but you also have the overall Crit Chance and Crit Damage stats to pay attention to as well! The higher your Crit Chance, the more likely you are to strike a Titan’s weak spot.

  • Blade Durability
    • This is how durable your blades are in battle! Like in the anime, the blades you wield must be replaced over time. Using them to strike Titans eventually damages them, meaning you can no longer use them. If you’re going up against a larger-than-usual Titan (aka, a boss), your Blade Durability stat needs to be pretty high to withstand the test of time
    • This stat does what it says on the tin! It’s the amount of damage that your ODM Gear blades deal when attacking the Titans. The higher your damage stat, the more severe the injuries that you inflict upon the Titan
  • ODM Speed
    • The rate at which you can move across the map, from building to building. This stat also affects how fast you can attack a Titan, whilst also evading any oncoming attacks
  • ODM Gas
    • The higher your Gas stat, the longer you can spend in the air. If your canister runs out, you’re stuck on the ground, making it harder to evade a Titan. Like the blades, the canister requires a replacement, so increasing the capacity of your canisters is the way to go!
  • ODM Control
    • The amount of control you have over your overall movement with the ODM gear and with attacks
  • ODM Range
    • Your reach is increased, allowing you to strike a Titan further away, rather than having to get up close – the latter is never a good option!

ODM Gear Upgrades

You start with the most basic form of ODM gear, but you can gradually upgrade it with in-game currency. Various stats come with your base ODM gear, some of which should be your priority! I reckon the DMG, Blade Durability, Gas, and Speed stats are the ones you should focus on the most. To upgrade to the current level cap, you need to spend over 5 million Gold altogether, with the final level costing 169.42K.