Makis Adventure is a shape-shifting platform game that’s free to try

  • Makis Adventure is a shapeshifting puzzle platformer out now on iOS and Android
  • Try out the game for free with its lite version
  • So what’s a lite version? Stay tuned for a blast from the past…

Makis Adventure, a new platforming puzzle game from developer Zoroarts is available now, for free! Well, okay not totally free, but you can try out the game’s entire first level from the game’s free-to-play lite version, available now on iOS and Android. So what’s Makis Adventure all about?

Makis Adventure puts you in the shoes of an adventuring…thing, with a unique ability. When Maki touches water he transforms into a shark, with three distinct forms, the first of which you get to explore in the lite version. To traverse this enormous world(s) you’ll need to utilise all three forms as well as your own natural platforming skills for a combination puzzle and metroidvania style game.

Lite? What’s that?

Yes, for those of you young’uns who don’t know, back in the day mobile games actually offered you a free version of the game to try. A ‘lite’ version is pretty much like shareware, you get the first taste free, and then pay for the full experience. It sort of died out after the emergence of in-app purchases and microtransactions made premium games less fashionable. But over time it’s made a pretty welcome return.

Makis Adventure itself boasts some lovely looking pixel art, and plenty of charm besides that. We might get the chance to cover it further, to find out if it’s all its cracked up to be. But for now, you can grab the lite version to try it for yourself on either iOS or Android!

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