New The Finals game mode possibly teased for next update

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The Finals regularly receives updates on an almost weekly basis so fans are readying themselves for the next upcoming patch. Sharing screenshots amongst the community online, some fans think that a new The Finals game mode has been teased for the next update.

Before the next update comes out, you should check out the recently released update 2.4.0 patch notes. This patch didn’t deliver any buffs or nerfs for weapons, but it provided a huge change to contracts that has divided fans, and it also kickstarted a new challenge in which players can easily win a new Hi-Fi Boombox.

Embark’s newest patch delivers mostly bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements, but fans believe a new game mode could be introduced to The Finals very soon.

New The Finals game mode possibly teased

The Finals fans believe they have found a screenshot teasing a new game mode. Shared on Reddit, the screenshot comes from the ‘latest update video’. You can find the screenshot in the embedded Reddit post below created by user Unit_00:

Per the OP, this screenshot is ‘Taken from the new intro video that plays when you start up the game after the latest update, around the 0:33 mark’. You can watch the update 2.4.0 intro video on YouTube:

Reacting to the screenshot, the replies on Reddit are full of speculation. One of the top replies says, ‘This is definitely SYS$HORIZON and the console is new… Some hacking type mode next week’.

Fans have speculated that it could be 5v5, but most of the speculation concerns what the actual game mode is all about. Some have speculated that it could be like ‘Rush mode from Battlefield,’ meanwhile, others have suggested it could be a ‘Search and Destroy hack style objective mode’.

According to one of the replies, Search and Destroy seems to be the most popular theory amongst the community. However, there are some doubts as to whether a new game mode is incoming at all.

One of the replies asks whether it is just the slot machine from the Vegas map, but users have refuted this saying it’s not a slot machine and questioning why one would be added to the Season 2 Neon city. A new mode hasn’t been confirmed by Embark, but hopefully something does happen in the next update.

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