How to Leave Iki Island

Ghost of Tsushima features one of the most aesthetically pleasing environments in AAA gaming, and that holds equally true for its impressive Iki Island expansion. That’s why no one would blame you for eagerly traveling to Iki Island before completing the base game, whether intentionally or by mistake.

Typically, exploring the expansion’s area shouldn’t pose a big issue, but there’s a catch in Ghost of Tsushima. Traveling to Iki Island locks out Tsushima Island until certain conditions are met, effectively stranding you on Iki Island with no way back. Naturally, many players would want to return to the main game. So, how can you do that?


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When Can You Leave Iki Island?

Unfortunately, if you’ve already voyaged to Iki Island, you’ll need to play through the Iki Island Story missions to regain the fast travel option. But there’s a silver lining to this situation. You won’t need to finish all the main quests to regain the feature.

ghost of tsushima jin on iki island

All you have to do is complete the “Jin From Yarikawa” main quest, which is the fifth quest in the expansion. After that, the fast travel option should return, allowing you to go back to Tsushima Island.

Ideally, you should be exploring Iki Island after completing the base game. However, sometimes curiosity gets the better of you, or you may accidentally start the Iki quest without realizing you can’t return. Either way, here’s how you can get back to Tsushima Island.

How To Fast Travel Back To Iki Island

Once you have access to the Fast Travel feature, returning to Tsushima Island is only a couple of button presses away. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the World Map by pressing the Options button.
  2. Zoom out by pushing the right analog stick downwards.
  3. Look to your west.
  4. Select a valid Fast Travel Point from Tsushima Island.

After a quick loading screen, you should be back on the base game’s map. Now, you can fast travel back and forth at your own discretion. Be sure to explore all of Iki Island, as it holds some interesting loot and side quests. It won’t take much time, as the expansion is only a dozen hours long.

Remember that everything you gain from Iki Island, whether it’s a new gadget or skill, carries over when you return to Tsushima Island.

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August 20, 2021

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