Baldur’s Gate 3: Hardest Companions To Recruit


  • Finding and recruiting Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be challenging due to specific requirements and in-game events.
  • Some Companions, like Minthara and Jaheira, offer unique abilities and skills that make them valuable additions to the party.
  • Careful decisions and actions are needed to recruit and keep certain Companions, adding depth and complexity to gameplay.

Every RPG has a choice of Companions that the main character can recruit to aid them in their adventure. There are several possible Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 to recruit for companionship, party composition, and camp atmosphere, but some of them are more difficult to find and recruit than others. There’s also a possibility that they might leave in the future if they don’t like the protagonist’s choices.


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The protagonist meets two on the Nautiloid, which is widely considered to be the introduction of Baldur’s Gate 3, and the others are scattered at various points in the Wilderness of Act 1. Two are also waiting in Act 2 and finally, a third and last in Act 3, who is by far the most difficult to recruit. The main character should have some knowledge of more subtle battle mechanics by this time, but even so, there are Companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 that are far more challenging to recruit than others.

6 Minthara

Kill The Teiflings

Baldur's Gate 3 Minthara At Camp

  • Location: One of the three leaders in the Goblin Camp

The difficult thing about recruiting Minthara is the evil hoops players have to jump through in Act 1, which involves siding with the Goblins, marching to the Grove with them, and helping them murder the Tieflings. Even if the protagonist doesn’t have a problem with evil, this event alienates them from other Companions that have connections to the Druids or their allies.

There are several good reasons to recruit Minthara despite the difficulty involved in doing so. She’s a Paladin, which means she has powerful abilities like Lay On Hands and Radiant Smite, and a Drow, so she has racial abilities that include Darkvision and Faerie Fire.

5 Halsin

Lift The Shadow Curse


  • Location: The Worg Pens in the Goblin Camp

Recruiting Halsin is a process that goes through several stages and two full Acts of the game, starting with rescuing him from the Worg Pens. Then, players have to kill the Goblin leaders and rescue the Grove, after which Halsin will ask if he can join their camp, but he won’t be available as a Companion just yet.


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Act 2 is all about lifting the Shadow-curse, and Halsin needs the main character’s help finding his friend Thaniel. Rescuing him is only the first part of freeing the lands from the Shadow-curse, and once players free the Nightsong from the Shadowfell, Halsin will follow them to Baldur’s Gate as a Companion.

4 Jaheira

Defeat Thorm In Moonrise Towers

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  • Location: Last Light Inn, the Shadow-cursed Lands

The protagonist meets Jaheira at the beginning of Act 2, but she only becomes a recruitable Companion if she survives until Act 3, and that’s more difficult than it sounds. Some dangerous battles take place in the Shadow-cursed Lands, like the attack on Last Light Inn and the assault on Moonrise Towers. If Jaheira falls before players can recruit her, she can’t be resurrected by scrolls, a Cleric, or even Withers.

It’s after this second battle that she finally asks to join the camp and adventuring party, so she can join the player for the assault on the Illithid Colony and the final battle with Kethric Thorm. If she dies anytime after this point, she can be resurrected, so at least she’s safe from permanent death once she’s been recruited.

3 Minsc

The Stone Lord

baldurs gate 3 confirms matt mercer as minsc voice actor

  • Location: Find him in the Counting House and follow him into the sewers

Recruiting Minsc is contingent upon recruiting Jaheira, so if she dies in Act 2, or isn’t in the party when players encounter Minsc, he can’t be persuaded to join them. If Jaheira is present, she can speak to Minsc and assure him she’s the real thing, as opposed to the doppelgänger who is manipulating him using her visage.


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Minsc joins so late in the game, it’s hard to make a place for him in a party that the player has already been tweaking for three full Acts. However, if they want a Ranger with a lot of inventory space, some hilarious dialogue lines, and an adorable space hamster as a best friend, Minsc is indispensable.

2 Lae’zel

The First Companion


  • Location: Meet her in the Nautiloid

There are two Companions that Tav meets on the Nautiloid: Shadowheart and Lae’zel. Recruiting Shadowheart is as easy as finding her on the beach and waking her up, but in the case of Tav’s abrasive Gith friend, she’s in a cage watched over by a couple of Teiflings away from the beach.

Players have several different choices at this point. They can turn against her and slay the Githyanki threat, or they can kill the Teilfings to save her. To resolve the situation peacefully, the protagonist has to pass a Deception or Intimidation check to convince the Tieflings to leave. Lae’zel can be freed by using a spell or ranged weapon to break the bottom of her cage, which is suspended above the forest floor. If they leave her behind without freeing her, however, she’ll disappear and won’t be able to be recruited again.

1 Gale

Roll For Strength Or Class Ability

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  • Location: A broken waypoint south of the Druid Grove

Similar to Lae’zel, the main character has to make two saving throws to rescue Gale from the broken Waypoint he fell into while escaping the crashing Nautiloid. There’s a simple Strength option, or Tav can choose from a class-specific skill like Wisdom for a Cleric or Intelligence for a Wizard.

There’s a small chance that players will fail the roll and Gale will slip away into the nether, in which case he won’t be recruitable again, but if they succeed, he’ll ask to join their group. Should players be full up at this point, they can send him to camp instead, but he still needs to consume a few magical items to feed his Netherese Orb before they leave Act 1.