The Best Legendary Kinetic Weapons In Destiny 2

The era of subclass 3.0 updates has pushed Destiny 2’s popularity of Kinetic weapons down significantly. Many mods and builds now require players to match their weapon damage with their subclass, which is why it can feel like a punishment to be forced to use a Kinetic weapon in some endgame PVE content.


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While there are some clear Exotic winners in this category, namely Witherhoard and Arbalest (even after both received nerfs in season 19), Legendary weapons tend to be somewhat overlooked and there aren’t a huge number of great options compared to the Energy weapon slot’s Legendary weapon selection. Here’s which Kinetic weapons are still worth the grind in Destiny 2.

Updated on April 13, 2024, by Anastasia Maillot: Destiny 2’s Into the Light free update had brought back a few popular weapons with new perks worth chasing after. With The Final Shape looming on the horizon, too, after being delayed by several months, the only real grind right now is for players to hop in and make sure they have the arsenal of weapons they need for the conclusion of the Light and Dark saga. The Kinetic slot has always been an important one in the game, now crowded with Stasis and Strand options, which have put simple Kinetic weapons on the back burner. Despite that, there are still several powerful Kinetic weapons in Destiny 2 that are well worth the chase.

9 The Messenger

A PVP Pulse Rifle That Still Has It

Destiny 2-The Messenger-Trials of Osiris Pulse Rifle

  • God Roll: Rapid Hit & Desperado
  • How To Get: Trials Of Osiris (currently not in rotation)

Although not currently in rotation, The Messenger continues to be a pretty fantastic pulse rifle for PVP enjoyers who prefer to slaughter their enemies from afar. Although the balance of the sandbox hasn’t been great as of recently, there’s always a place for a bit of pulse rifle gameplay in the right hands.

The Messenger will eventually rotate back into Trials of Osiris’ weapon pool. Once it does, a good combination of perks to aim for is Rapid Hit and Desperado, for that extra bit of stat boost when getting precision hits and scoring kills.

8 Heritage

A Powerful PVE Shotgun For Taking Down Mini-Bosses & Champions

Destiny 2 Heritage

  • God Roll: Recombination & Reconstruction
  • How To Get: The Deep Stone Crypt raid

Shotguns in the kinetic slot are often challenged by Exotics, but Heritage is still a very strong contender here for those who have yet to earn a Conditional Finality from the Root of Nightmares. It does require players to hop into another raid, but at least the ideal roll is craftable after five patterns are unlocked.


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Here, there’s no question about the ideal perk combination: Reconstruction and Recombination. It’s a fantastic tool to have in a PVE arsenal against those tougher, yellow-bar mini-bosses or even champions that can get tanky depending on the activity difficulty level.

7 Succession

A Great Precision Weapon For PVE Boss Damage Checks

Destiny 2 Brave Succession sniper rifle (1)

  • God Roll: Vorpal Weapon & Reconstruction
  • How To Get: The Deep Stone Crypt raid for the original version, Onslaught for the BRAVE version

Sniper rifles have seen some improvements and buffs throughout the last year, which has brought weapons like Succession back on the menu. Succession is from Deep Stone Crypt, but it can now also be earned in Onslaught if players can’t find a team to raid with.

The old perk combination was Vorpal Weapon and Reconstruction, but the BRAVE version of the weapon leaves room for other options like Focused Fury, if players are confident they can hit their precision shots reliably on a boss. It’s definitely a damage-phase weapon.

6 Fatebringer

One Of The Most Iconic Hand Cannons In The Game In Both PVE And PVP

Destiny 2 Fatebringer Timelost Hand Cannon

  • God Roll: Explosive Payload & Firefly (PVE)
  • How To Get: The Vault of Glass raid

Fatebringer is iconic and timeless. The good news is that it’s still pretty good in both PVE and PVP. In PVE, hand cannons in general have had their stats buffed by Bungie in the last year, so it’s a good time to try and get that Explosive Payload and Firefly roll from the Vault of Glass raid.

For PVP, Killing Wind and Eye of the Storm appear to be the best bet. In order to get the Timelost version that allows players to slot in Adept mods, the Master version of the raid needs to be completed.

5 Hung Jury SR4

Despite Its Archetype, This Scout Rifle Feels Smooth As Butter To Use

Destiny 2-Hung Jury-Image-Nightfall Weapon

  • God Roll: Rapid Hit & Firefly
  • How To Get: Nightfalls for the regular version, Onslaught for the BRAVE version

Hung Jury has been around a lot and is weighed down currently by the weakness of its archetype in PVE. Scout rifles are not doing all that great, but despite that, it’s undoubtedly one of the strongest and easiest-to-use weapons in the game right now.

Hung Jury is returning with a BRAVE version in Into the Light, but the original version available in Nightfalls had nice perk combinations like Rapid Hit & Firefly to satisfy PVE players. Kinetic Tremors is also a decent option.

4 Submission

An Extremely Powerful SMG That Won’t Let Players Down

Destiny 2 Submission SMG

  • God Roll: Subsistence & Frenzy
  • How To Get: The Vow of the Disciple raid

SMGs are incredibly strong, and this one from the Vow of the Disciple raid is no exception. Submission feels extremely satisfying to use, though has lost a bit of thunder to other weapons like the IKELOS SMG and CALUS Mini-Tool.


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Still, those who are curious about this weapon should craft the Subsistence and Frenzy combo for a satisfying burst of damage at close range. An Adept version of it is available in the raid as well, and since it’s craftable after five patterns, chasing it shouldn’t take very long.

3 The Supremacy

A Fantastic Precision Option That Contends With Succession


  • God Roll: Lead From Gold & Fourth Time’s The Charm
  • How To Get: Last Wish raid

Last year, Last Wish raid weapons became craftable as well, which put Apex Predator as a top-tier rocket launcher. Along with it came The Supremacy, a sniper rifle that could probably contend with the likes of Succession for the top spot as a Legendary sniper in the Kinetic slot.

Classic PVE combination Lead from Gold and Fourth Time’s the Charm is definitely the go-to option here to ensure players will never run out of ammo, and that they can continuously deal more damage over time by hitting a high-health single target. Again, it’s a boss DPS weapon, so it will only really see use in niche encounters.

2 Austringer

A PVP Favorite For A Good Reason

Destiny 2 Austringer Hand Cannon

  • God Roll: Eye Of The Storm & Rangefinder/Opening Shot
  • How To Get: Buy it from Banshee-44 or Xur when in rotation

Back to hand cannons, Austringer is still a decent choice for PVP enjoyers who have a knack for hitting their shots. An older weapon that was reintroduced during The Witch Queen year, Austringer can be crafted once five patterns have been unlocked. Check Banshee-44 and Xur weekly to see if they happen to be selling it.

For PVP, Eye of the Storm paired with either Opening Shot or Rangefinder is a good combination that will tide players over well.

1 The Mountaintop

A Beloved Grenade Launcher Returning In Into The Light

Destiny 2 The Mountaintop

  • God Roll: Ambitious Assassin/Auto-Loading Holster & One For All/Recombination
  • How To Get: Returning as part of the BRAVE arsenal in May 2024, available in Onslaught

The Mountaintop was infamous back in the day and is returning now with a fresh coat of paint and new perks to chase as a result of Into the Light. Players can simply hop into Onslaught for a chance to earn the newer version of the classic grenade launcher.

It’s still early to talk about definitive god rolls, especially since the perk pool for The Mountaintop is so stacked. That said, either Ambitious Assassin or Auto-Loading Holster, paired with either One for All or Recombination seems like the most general, powerful option for now.

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