Marvel Snap gets Cosmetic Shop and major updates to cards

  • Marvel Snap is seeing major overhauls to meta cards and a new cosmetics shop in their latest update
  • It’s a big change for a critical and fan-favourite that’s stumped mobile experts
  • Is it a sign of changing tides for Snap?

Marvel Snap, the hit fast-paced card battler from Second Dinner Studios, is getting a major overhaul of some of their most popular cards, as well as the addition of a Cosmetics Shop in their latest update. Offering simple, fast-paced card-battler action, Marvel Snap features hundreds of your favourite characters and places in the Marvel Universe as you duke it out for victory in lightning-fast PvP duels.

Before we get into the Cosmetics Shop, it bears noting the major changes coming to cards. For one, Alioth is now not able to destroy all unrevealed cards, but only reveal their text. Meanwhile, the highly meta Zabu is getting a boost to cost from 2 to 3 and his effect of reducing 4-cost cards by 1 cost now only lasts a turn. Sandman, Lady Deathstrike, Strong Guy, Shadow King and Pxie (Cymru am Byth) are also getting major changes you can check out in detail here.

Snap, snap, snap

While Marvel Snap has been a massive fan-favourite, one of the things that has confused more ‘business-minded’ mobile gurus has been how the game is monetised, or basically how it makes money. The Cosmetics Shop, for better or worse, may be an indication of how the game makes money. It’s certainly preferable to paying more for other aspects of the game, but it might not gel well with some players.

The Cosmetics Shop lets you…well, purchase non-variant cosmetics with your spare gold. Emotes, avatars and more will be available while the fast upgrade path is now being changed to bonus boosters. This means you continue to upgrade your cards with credits as usual, but missing boosters will now be added automatically as you upgrade.

And yes, there is now a reaction wheel so you can play mind games with your opponent too. All in all, meta card changes aside, this is shaping up to be a seemingly minor but possibly very consequential update for Marvel Snap.