This controversial Fortnite skin may return soon

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Epic Games may find itself in hot water once again, with a controversial skin possibly returning to Fortnite soon. This would be surprising, as it was last seen over 1,400 days ago!

If you’re a collector of rare skins, the opportunity to add this one to your collection could be coming soon. Also, make sure you don’t miss out on the latest looks and find out how to get free Fortnite skins.

Controversial Costume

An outfit first released in Chapter 2 Season 2 before being removed from the shop could be making a controversial return in Fortnite. During that time, the island had been taken over by secret agents and rival organisations, with a “Top Secret” espionage theme.

One character that was introduced during this time was Rue. Part of the Lil’ Red Set, she came with a default red colour design and an alternate black one. Wearing a beret and overcoat, the look was supposed to be influenced by the French Resistance uniform.

However, with a skull insignia on the arm and a belt across the chest, the look resonated differently with many in the community. Instead of a French Resistance fighter, many thought it looked more like a Nazi uniform.

Could this controversial skin return? – Image via Epic Games

It was soon removed from the store and has never returned. There has been no official reason from Epic Games as to why it has not been seen again. However, leaker @HYPEX on X (formerly Twitter) did have this to say:

“2 years ago [I] was told that Epic saw & talked about a certain post on social media mentioning that this Rue skin looks like a Nazi. Just thought [I]’d mention this because so many people are wondering why it never returned again.”

There wasn’t a massive backlash against the decision to remove the skin. This was despite the fact that some saw it as problematic and others believed there had been an overreaction to the design. But, Epic Games could soon find itself having to explain why such a controversial skin is returning in Fortnite.

Fortnite controversial skin: Rue skin in LEGO Fortnite
Will Epic Games rue this decision? – Image via

A LEGO Fortnite version of the skin returned to the game in update v29.20, and you can check out the Fortnite patch notes for all the changes that came with that update. The inclusion of this skin in LEGO form could signal that the look will become available in the store once again.

There is a noticeable difference in the LEGO design compared to the original look. The skull insignia on the arm has been removed. If Rue does return to the store, we suspect that this update will be mirrored. This is because the community clearly linked that with the Nazi uniform.