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Meditation is the art of relaxing through patience with your mind and body, stressing to figure out how to meditate won’t do. My How To Meditate In Type Soul Guide tells you how to perform this ceremonial act, and why you should.

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How To Meditate In Type Soul Guide

Once you’ve reached Grade 2 as a Soul Reaper, you can meditate by simply heading to Soul Society and pressing the M-key (or same key bind). This will automatically thrust your character into a meditative state where you sit down and have fading messages from your Shikai spirit appear around your avatar on the screen. After the first session of meditation is done, your character will automatically stand up.

Why You Need To Meditate In Type Soul

Meditation is exclusive to the Soul Reaper race. This action in time unlocks the Shikai ability of the player as they increase in Grade ranks. Meditation can only begin at Grade 2 onwards when the Shikai quest becomes automatically active. To begin this quest, you must meditate 3 times for 20 minutes each time. After the third meditation session, you will then have to fight your Shikai on the 4th meditation.

Shikai’s are spirits which whisper to you during meditation, each one hosts a different personality and tiers. The Shikai Spirit whispers personality can be determined from your gameplay path:

  • Hateful – Gets EXP from gripping NPCs and Players
  • Chaotic – Gripping NPCS and players as well as winning PvP missions
  • Pure – Killing Hollow NPCS
  • Vengeful – Grip NPCS / Players that killed you in your current server
  • Squeamish – Missions
  • Kind Hearted – Purify the lost soul NPC

Once you defeat your Shikai, you will rank up to Semi-grade 1 where you can progress to becoming an Elite Grade. You cannot progress past Grade 2 without defeating your Shikai Spirit first within your meditation world.