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Not too sure what the Ikemen Villains Cards are used for? The main story and each villain’s route are the core parts of the game, but cards are an important feature too!

To learn more about the latest game in the Ikemen series, visit the Ikemen Villains official website. I’m a big fan of Otome games, which is why I’ve written up quite a few guides within the genre, like our Love and Deepspace Memories guide and our What in Hell is Bad Codes guide!

Ikemen Villains Cards

Whether you use the cards in your party or you use them purely for a handsome home screen, I’ll answer all your questions about the Ikemen Villains cards in this guide!

What Are Cards?

While combat isn’t a thing in Ikemen Villains, something called Escorting is. And for high Escorting points, you need cards. The rarity of the card determines how many Beauty Points (BP) you can put towards an Escort session. The cards are placed into a party of 4, with the 2 latter slots unlocking after your Attire Level has reached a certain milestone.

Other than that, there isn’t much else to know about how the cards work. They’re there to look nice and to give you BP for Escorts! Every dateable villain in the game has a variety of cards to collect.

Card BP

There are 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star cards to collect! As mentioned above, depending on the card’s rarity, you’ll earn an amount of BP. 5-star cards are not only sought-after because of the pretty art, but because they give you the highest amount of BP. As you get copies of cards, they will automatically level up, increasing the BP. Once a card reaches the max level, the extra copy will transfer into Gold.

  • 3-star Cards: Between 170 and 200 BP
  • 4-star Cards: Between 740 and 800 BP
  • 5-star Cards: 1.7K BP

How to Obtain Cards

To get additional cards for your party, you need to pull on the gacha banner. The banner changes over time, with ‘spotlight’ cards having an increased chance of dropping. You earn Gacha Tickets and Diamonds by playing through the game and completing missions. You may also find them for free via your mailbox!