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This article contains spoilers for X-Men ’97 Episode 5

So far, it’s very obvious that X-Men ’97 is not pulling any punches. The show’s stories have been mostly hard-hitting, character-focused tales with more mature themes and intense action. Episode 5, titled “Remember Me” is no exception, and may just be the most devastating episode for fans yet.

While much of X-Men ’97 episode 5 is spent focusing on character drama, there is a major event that takes place in the third act. Having now reached the middle of the season, X-Men ’97 has delivered its most hard-hitting storyline, one that has no doubt left some fans in tears.


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What happens in X-Men ’97 Episode 5?

x-men 97 episode 5 emma frost and sebastian shaw

X-Men ’97 Episode 5


“Remember It”

Written By

Beau DeMayo

Directed By

Emi Yonemura

Despite last week’s cliffhanger ending, X-Men ’97 episode 5 puts its focus elsewhere, with a storyline centered around fan-favorites Gambit and Rogue, who are along for the ride with Magneto to visit the mutant nation of Genosha as goodwill ambassadors. Upon arriving, the trio is surprised to find that Genosha has seen major developments, and is far more modern than it once was. It has become a utopia for mutants, who crowd the streets in good spirits. Magneto, Rogue, and Gambit meet with Madeline Pryor, Jean Grey’s clone (and previous Goblin Queen), who sits on Genosha’s interim council. Magneto is summoned to meet with them.

Meanwhile, Gambit and Rogue take a tour of the city streets with Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler. While all of the mutants living in Genosha seem to be in good spirits, Gambit questions how much of a paradise it can be when a single apple costs $10. Even still, Gambit’s romantic feelings for Rogue are at the forefront, with Nightcrawler urging him to just be with her. However, Gambit makes it clear that the situation is complicated.

Episode 5’s main strength is building on the character relationships that have only really been hinted at in the rest of the season. The love triangle between Magneto, Rogue, and Gambit is a major point of contention in this episode, and it helps to make the characters feel fuller and more real.

x-men 97 episode 5 scott and jean fighting

Meanwhile, back at X Mansion, a news crew is spotlighting the X-Men team in a sympathetic piece about mutants. However, the report puts a strain on Scott Summers when he is asked about his son, Nathan. Scott blows up on camera, espousing the kind of contempt for humanity that Magneto has expressed in the past, albeit from the point of view of someone who is tired of saving humans who have so much hate for mutants.

Here, it is also made clear that Scott and Jean Grey’s relationship is getting a little bit rocky. Jean is still trying to recover many of her memories, and Scott is torn between the real Jean and Madeline Pryor, with whom he had his son Nathan. Jean alludes to their past together and her time with the Phoenix force, and in a shocking moment, she kisses Logan. However, he brushes her off, telling her that she just forgot that it’s always her and Scott. Jean later discovers that Scott still has a telepathic bond with Madeline, and that puts a further strain on their relationship.

Back in Genosha, Magneto is asked to be the ruler of the country by the interim council, which includes famous members like one-time villains Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost, as well as Moira McTaggart. He accepts, but on the condition that Rogue be allowed to rule by his side. Rogue is not exactly open to the idea, and tells Gambit about her past relationship with Magneto. He served as her mentor, but when it became clear that he was the only person she could physically touch, it became so much more. Gambit cannot deal with this information, and sends Rogue away to be with Magneto.

x-men 97 episode 5 rogue and magneto dance

Later that night, Magneto and Rogue embrace on the dance floor of a celebration gala while Gambit watches. However, Rogue ultimately turns Magneto down. Just when it seems like there will be a resolution to the personal drama that has been the focus of episode 5, the unthinkable happens.

How Does X-Men ’97 Episode 5 End?

The Devastating Sentinel Attack on Genosha

Madeline Pryor, who is also attending the gala, receives some kind of overwhelming telepathic blast, nearly knocking her out and causing her nose to bleed. She runs outside where she is met by none other than Cable. He warns her that everyone needs to leave immediately, but she is too distracted by the realization that Cable is actually her son, Nathan Summers. Cable speaks as if he has been through this situation before, but he is pulled out of time before he can save anyone.

This is when the devastating attack on Genosha begins. A massive sentinel with powerful weaponry is destroying the city and killing every mutant in its path. Rogue, Magneto, and Gambit must fight together in order to save everyone they can and try to stop the massive threat.

X-Men ’97 episode 5’s third act is one for the ages, with some of the best action sequences found in any Marvel project. What makes the attack on Genosha and the fight against the giant sentinel so compelling are the real stakes, where it seems like even fan-favorite characters might not make it. As it turns out, that happens to be exactly the case.

Magneto and Gambit make the ultimate sacrifice

As the battle goes on and the heroes do everything they can to save people and fight back against the giant sentinel, it becomes clear that the X-Men may be outmatched. As Magneto does what he can to save others, he is unfortunately caught in one of the Sentinel’s beams. He keeps it at bay with an electromagnetic shield, while also holding back Rogue with metal scraps to keep her safe. In his final moments, Magneto tells Leech (in German) to not be afraid, before his forcefield gives out and the beam kills him.

With Magneto dead, Rogue flies into a rage and is nearly killed herself before Gambit knocks her away with a kinetically charged motorcycle. Gambit then grabs his staff and acrobatically leaps toward the sentinel. However, in the episode’s most shocking moment, he is impaled by the massive enemy. In his last moments, Gambit uses his powers to kinetically charge the Sentinel, before uttering his final words (from which the episode gets its title):

The name’s Gambit, mon ami. Remember it.

Although the sentinel is defeated, Genosha is left in ruins. The rest of the team watches in shock from X Mansion. In the episode’s final moments, Rogue cradles the body of her love, her bare hands finally able to touch him. However, the final lines of the episode truly highlight this tragic loss, with Rogue uttering through tears:

It’s an incredibly emotional and unexpected ending to the episode. Surely no one could have predicted that two beloved characters would meet their end halfway through the season, especially in an episode that otherwise is fairly light on the action. That being said, with Cable and Bishop in the mix, there is always the potential for some time travel shenanigans that could possibly bring these characters back to life. Until that happens, fans will have to mourn alongside the rest of the X-Men.

X-Men ’97 is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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X-Men ’97

The animated X-Men team returns in the Disney Plus reboot, X-Men ’97. With Professor X gone, Cyclops, Wolverine, Jean Grey, and the rest of the mutants find themselves under the leadership of Magneto and facing a new threat. X-Men ’97 is the first project under the newly created Marvel Animation banner.


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