Roblox The Hunt: First Edition Had 34 Million Users Playing Over 120 Million Hours

Roblox recently held its first community event in three years, e Hunt: First Edition. The event was a big success, with 34 million users playing over 128 million hours. This high level of participation shows that the platform could probably get more attention with more events because these community events are effective.

The Hunt: First Edition garnered a lot of attention from the Roblox community. The good news is that with it came a push from Roblox itself. Roblox announced that The Hunt: First Edition marks the start of a renewed focus on community-wide events. Insights gained from the event highlight the significance of providing diverse experiences, the positive effect of nostalgic elements, and the value of working with creators and influencers. This understanding will shape the next events coming to the platform.

“We learned a ton from The Hunt: First Edition and we’re already thinking about how to apply those lessons to future events. Throughout the process, our community provided valuable feedback on what energized them and the iterations they’d like to see in future community events. Among the insights that will help us plan great future community events.”

Matt Curtis, Vice President of Developer Relations

Designed to be playable for all skill levels, The Hunt: First Edition provided rewards for different levels of participation. Essentially, you would go into Roblox games that participated in the event to get badges. Players could earn prizes after finishing just five quests, while more committed players had the chance to unlock exclusive and rare rewards. The most difficult challenge required completing at least 95 quests. If you did this, you’d get the rare Infinite Egg, a nostalgic reference to Roblox’s previous egg hunt events.

The event showcased many of the current popular games in Roblox’s large library. 100 of the platform’s best experiences introduced new quests for the event, including popular titles like Doors, Arsenal, Piggy, and Catalog Avatar Creator. Roblox also worked with Video Star influencers, which added to the excitement through live streams, partnerships, and exclusive in-event items. I remember I heard a lot about it from Karl, who was known for his work with Dream and MrBeast.