The Evolution of Jinwoo’s Personality So Far in Solo Leveling


  • Sung Jiwoo starts as the weakest Hunter but gains power through the mysterious “system of leveling.”
  • His dependency on others contrasts with his keen perception of danger and strategic thinking.
  • Sung’s growth leads to increased confidence, but also raises questions about his morality as he becomes the “Shadow Monarch.”

Solo Leveling follows the story of Sung Jinwoo, a weak rank E hunter who strives to support his sister and mother. In a world where portals to dungeons suddenly emerge, bringing forth monsters and granting humans special powers, Sung finds himself in dire circumstances, often on the brink of death. During a raid in a particularly dangerous dungeon, Sung and his fellow hunters face a disastrous situation where they are trapped and left to die.

However, Sung discovers a mysterious system that allows him to improve his abilities by completing tasks and defeating monsters. This system, known as “the system of leveling,” grants him the power to grow stronger and evolve into a formidable hunter. Throughout the first season, his physical prowess visibly increases, but equally noteworthy is the evolution of his personality. How does his growth extend beyond his physical abilities, and what does this say for the future?


Why is Everyone So Excited About Solo Leveling?

Solo Leveling is one of the most anticipated anime of the year. What is it that has anime fans so excited?

Before the Awakening


At the start of Solo Leveling, Sung Jiwoo enters a dungeon gate alongside his friend Lee Joo-hee, a B-Rank healer, and several other strong Hunters. He is often referred to as the “World’s Weakest Hunter,” being the weakest E-Rank Hunter around.

Throughout missions, Sung frequently sustains injuries, narrowly escaping death on several occasions, and relies heavily on Joo-hee’s assistance. He exhibits a profound self-awareness regarding his lack of ability and strength, often opting to avoid confrontation whenever possible. Sung understands that little is expected of him due to his reputation and consequently lacks confidence in his own capabilities.

Because He is So Weak, He Often Depends on Others

Sung Getting Healed

His dependency on others, particularly on stronger Hunters, is evident as he often finds himself in need of rescue in dangerous situations. Despite his low expectations for himself, Sung maintains a deep sense of gratitude towards those who support and protect him, fostering a strong sense of loyalty towards his friends and comrades. However, his experiences of weakness and dependency have shaped his personality, leading to feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

But, He is Very Perceptive and Able to Can Sense Danger Quickly


Nevertheless, Sung’s weakness inadvertently hones his ability to perceive threats and danger more keenly. Despite lacking physical strength, he compensates with heightened awareness, allowing him to detect signs of danger that others might overlook.

This acute perception of threats enables Sung to anticipate danger and make calculated decisions to ensure his survival. Additionally, he excels in strategic thinking, devising tactics and strategies to outmaneuver opponents while minimizing risks to himself and his teammates, thus leveraging his weaknesses to develop strengths in other areas and ultimately contributing to his survival and effectiveness as a Hunter.

After the Awakening


After the dungeon, Sung undergoes his second awakening, in which a Hunter will experience an increase in ability and he is connected with “the system”. He is tasked with daily assignments and receives stat bonuses and loot boxes. Sung ascends through levels, engaging in battles against various beasts and eventually facing off against several humans, including C-rank Hunter Hwang Dongsuk and his five group members, as well as D-rank Yoo Jin-ho and Kang Jeongho.

With each battle, Sung’s level increases along with his abilities, weapons, and items. Upon reaching a level requirement, he embarks on a job-change quest and is transported to a massive castle. There, he battles through waves of knights, assassins, and mages, mirroring the challenges he has faced before. Ultimately, Sung confronts Igris, the Bloodred Knight Commander, and emerges victorious, defeating the horde. As a reward, Sung earns the title “Shadow Monarch” along with the unique ability to raise the dead as his “shadow army.”

His Confidence and Capability Grows


On the positive side, his unwavering determination and newfound confidence shine through as he diligently completes daily tasks and engages in battles, continuously striving to improve his abilities. Despite facing formidable opponents, including higher-ranked Hunters and challenging adversaries in the castle, Sung persists with unwavering courage, showcasing his growing self-assurance and a newfound belief in his capabilities. His ability to adapt and grow in the face of adversity highlights his capacity for resilience and development, suggesting a strong sense of ambition and a desire to overcome obstacles.

But, He Starts to Lose Some of His Humanity


However, Sung’s pursuit of power and recognition also unveils potentially darker traits within his character. As he ascends in levels and acquires more strength, he begins to exhibit less hesitation to kill and becomes increasingly manipulative in his tactics. His once-present moral compass seems to blur as he becomes more willing to make ruthless decisions.

This shift in behavior raises concerns about the ethical implications of his actions and hints at a potential descent into moral ambiguity as Sung delves deeper into the complexities of power and authority. As he embraces his role as the “Shadow Monarch,” Sung’s transformation may lead him down a darker path where the lines between right and wrong become increasingly blurred, posing profound challenges to his sense of morality and integrity.

Sung Arise

From his humble beginnings as the weakest Hunter burdened by self-doubt, Sung Jiwoo emerges as a formidable force, fueled by resilience and unwavering determination. Through relentless trials and tribulations, he undergoes a profound transformation, honing his skills and fortifying his resolve with each challenge he faces. However, as Sung ascends to new heights of power, the shadows of moral ambiguity loom ominously, casting doubt upon the righteousness of his actions.

His evolution into the enigmatic “Shadow Monarch” marks a pivotal juncture in his journey, signifying a plunge into the depths of his own psyche where the boundaries between right and wrong blur with each decisive step. As the story unfolds and with Season 2 recently announced, Sung’s path promises to evolve into a gripping exploration of character, consequence, and the timeless struggle between light and darkness.

Solo Leveling is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.


Solo Leveling: The Birth of a King

The conclusion of the Job Change Quest brings forth a whole new beast in the form of E-Rank Hunter Sung Jinwoo.

solo leveling

Solo Leveling

A-1 Pictures’ Solo Leveling is an anime based on Chugong’s popular web novel. Set in an unforgiving fantasy world where hunters explore dungeons filled with monsters, the vulnerable Sung Jinwoo gains a significant power boost after he is picked to be a solo player by the System.