Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless tips and hints


Tip #1 – Recruit new warriors and send only the best into battle

You won’t get very far in Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless if you don’t continually attempt to recruit high-ranked and more powerful heroes to your party. This is done via summons, which each provides one new randomly chosen warrior.

You can perform a summon by tapping on the main city option located in the bottom-left of your device’s screen and then hitting the hero recruit button. Here you’ll find three different banners – all of which require different items to pull from.

The items you need to perform summons can be earned by completing battles or bought from the in-game store. You do receive multiple free summons per day, so make sure you take advantage of them.

Every warrior in Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless has a rating between one and five stars, with the latter being the most useful but the rarest to summon.

Finally, it doesn’t matter how highly ranked a warrior is if they’re sat on the sidelines twiddling their thumbs, so don’t forget to add your new recruits to your active party. You can do this through the expedition tab at the bottom of your screen.


Tip #2 – Upgrade your heroes to further improve their stats

an example of the character upgrade and levelling up menu in legacy fate

There are several ways to improve your heroes in Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless, but we’re going to focus on the two that you have access to right from the off: levelling up and equipment.

If you tap on the hero tab at the bottom of your screen, you can see every hero that you currently have recruited along with their star rating and their current level. To upgrade one of your heroes you just need to tap on them.

You’ll need hero experience orbs to increase the level of one of your soldiers. These can, of course, be earned as your party dispatches bad guys.

Increasing the level of one of your party members allows you to boost their health, attack, defence and speed stats. You can also unlock new skills that increase their stats further or allow them to perform actions like reviving party members.

Equipping your heroes with a selection of weapons, helmets and other pieces of armour is another great way to increase their proficiency in battle. You can buy equipment from the in-game shop, but you can also nab some by defeating baddies.


Tip #3 – Complete expeditions to increase your monarch level

a screenshot of the party picker before you start an expedition in legacy fate

Most of the features in Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless are locked until you can increase your monarch level. Your current monarch level is displayed under your avatar in the top-left of your device’s screen.

You can elevate your monarch level by successfully completing expeditions, which are basically chapters of the game’s story. You can embark on expeditions through the aptly named expedition tab.

Your party won’t tackle these automatically if they’re left unattended, so make sure every time you open Legacy Fate: Sacred&Fearless you take on at least a couple.

Expeditions are easy enough to complete. You just have to ensure that your party is powerful enough to wipe any foes they encounter off the face of the map. If you pay attention to the two previous tips, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Besides monarch-level experience, the rewards for finishing an expedition include currency, a smattering of useful upgrade items and usually a weapon or another piece of equipment.

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