Big Palworld Updates Planned for This Summer


  • Palworld’s upcoming major update promises new Pals, bosses, buildings, weapons, and even a whole new island with never-before-seen scenery. It currently has a release window of Summer 2024.
  • Despite a decline in player count, Palworld fans are still having fun with the game, creating impressive bases using unique strategies.
  • With how extensive it is, the Summer update will likely bring back some players and give the existing audience a reason to keep on playing.

The creators of one of 2024’s biggest games, Palworld, have shared a promising update on the future of the viral hit. Fans are likely to be excited at the prospects of the content roadmap teased for Palworld by developer Pocketpair.

Palworld launched in early access on Steam, Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles back in January 2024 and quickly rose to internet-wide fame. It garnered a record-breaking concurrent player count of 2.1 million on Steam and sold 15 million copies on Valve’s storefront, in addition to gaining 10 million players on Xbox. While Palworld‘s release was full of controversy, the survival game, jokingly dubbed “Pokémon with guns” by the gaming community, became one of the biggest indie hits in recent memory. Though the player count has considerably declined since Palworld‘s explosive launch, the updates teased by Pocketpair are sure to bring players back to the game, if done successfully.


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Near the end of the patch notes on Update v0.2.0.6 for Palworld, Pocketpair expresses its intent to release “a larger, more content-packed update for summer 2024.” A number of new features are going to be added in this major update, including new Pals, bosses, buildings, and weapons. Pocketpair even plans to add a whole new island to the game later this summer, one that will be filled to the brim with “never-before scenery.” All of this will be added in addition to the minor bug fixing, quality-of-life, and raid boss updates that are regularly released for the game.

Fans Are Still Having a Lot of Fun in Palworld

This will be the first big content update for Palworld since its early access debut. Recent updates added some new items like Ability Glasses to the game, while others improved technical difficulties on the multiplayer server front. Even with the limited amount of brand-new content added to the game since launch, Palworld players have continued finding new ways to have fun with the smash hit. One fan on Reddit, for instance, used the game’s building mechanics to create a surprisingly realistic base in Palworld, complete with furniture. This is one of the many impressive creations shared by fans on social media, with others even making schools and soccer stadiums within Palworld.

Some gamers, meanwhile, have been getting creative in finding new strategies to use in the game. One Palworld player crafted 40 rocket launchers to take down a single boss. On the other hand, another individual came up with the idea of using campfires to take down an Ice-type Legendary Pal that was weak to fire attacks. One of the biggest reasons why Palworld has been so successful, aside from the buzz revolving around the Pokemon-inspired creature designs, is because of the freedom the game provides to its players. The fact that fans are constantly finding new things to mess around with is an indication of that. Hopefully, the major content update coming to Palworld in the summer of 2024 will give gamers months of meaningful gameplay additions to make use of.



Pocket Pair’s Palworld is a creature-collection game set in an open-world. Entering early access on January 19, 2024, the project blends survival, building, farming, monster breeding, and shooter elements.