How To Unlock The Haven Forgery & Shops in FF16: The Rising Tide

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Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide takes Clive, Joshua, and Jill to the northern lands of Mysidia in search of Leviathan The Lost. Upon arriving in the new land, Shula will lead the group to her town, Haven. While untouched by many of the troubles of the Twins, Haven and its people have their own struggles, some smaller than others.

After talking with Shula in The Witanhall, Clive will be able to explore the town of Haven and make use of the Forgery and shops. While the town will be open to be explored, players won’t immediately be able to use the Forgery and Shop, two key features in this new hub town for the DLC.


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How To Unlock The Forgery In Haven

Immediately after leaving Witanhall, there will be a woman who gives Clive the quest “It’s The Thought That Counts”. This side quest is very straightforward and will only require players to go and speak to the fieldhands in the flowerbeds around Minwu’s Cup, the central body of water in town. After getting both baskets of flowers, take them to Pavaat, the smith, to complete the quest.

Doing so not only opens up the Foundry to be used but also rewards players with 5,600 XP and the Reflection Of Earth accessory, which enhances Titanic Block to protect attacks from the back while also regenerating HP. At the time of unlocking the Forge, it won’t have much of note to purchase but can be used to enhance gear, with players returning later in the DLC for better gear.


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How To Unlock The Shops In Haven

Past the Forgery at The Stores will be Bilos, who gives players the quest “The Pursuit Of Knowledge”. Completing this quest is also simple, as players will need to go out the Low Gate of town and take the path off to the left to the nearby riverbed to find Bilos’ daughter. Despite going outside of town, there aren’t any monsters along this path, which makes it a simple fetch quest. Interacting with the Curious Child will have the group head back to town and complete the quest.

While opening the stores, players also get 1 Ageless Tallow and 25 Bloody Hide, along with 5,600 XP. Upon unlocking the store, players can purchase the Minwu Waistcloth, which has 110 defense and 45 health, and the Minwu Arm Ring, which has 110 defense and 45 health. Both of these gear pieces have higher base stats than the basic Fallen gear from the previous DLC and are worth picking up right away.

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