Watching MLB and Thinking if This Would Have Happened in The Show

One of the best and longest running threads on OS was started back in 2016 by bcruise, and it mostly revolves around the idea of things happening in the real MLB that would make us lose our minds if it happened in The Show.

The original post came from bcruise, and it was in response to Ross Stripling (then of the LA Dodgers) being removed from his debut start in the majors while in the midst of a no-no.

“So, I just got called up to The Show in my RTTS, pitching my first game for the Dodgers. And I’m pitching lights out, like it’s still on Rookie or something. I even took a no-hitter into the 8th inning. But then I walk a guy, and wouldn’t you know the manager takes me out?! WITH the no-hitter intact! So I’m watching the rest of the game sim, and it doesn’t take long to lose not only the no-no, but the LEAD as well! The FIRST batter after I get taken out goes yard to tie the game. I go from a possible no-hitter to a guaranteed no-decision in one single at-bat. I can’t believe this. Fix this manager AI. I’m THIS close to trading in this game.”

Since then, the thread has almost acted as a time capsule of sorts where you can remember weird stuff that has happened across Major League Baseball. Among the hundreds of posts, I think what stands out the most is that it’s not “big” moments that are captured here, it’s more a reminder of all the weird crap that just happens day to day in baseball.

Do I remember when Adam Ottavino threw four wild pitches in one inning? Absolutely not, but that’s why this thread is great. From this season alone, we’ve already had someone calling out a ball going through Jake Cronenworth’s glove (what a bug!) in the first game of the year.

We also have my own contribution from last night during the Astros vs. Blue Jays game when the Astros went full clownshoes on the basepaths in the last two innings. Altuve was picked off 3rd with two outs (and wasn’t stealing home), and then Jake Meyers fell on his face while stealing a bag in the bottom of the 9th after Josh Hader had blown the save.

SMH, the baserunners in this game are so bad! It was the bottom of the 9th and of course the comeback code embedded in this stupid game came into full effect as I blew a save in the top of the 9th (after no hitting them just the game prior!). And, oh look at that, I have an easy steal and the game just screws me as I fall down — and this was after I got picked off 3rd with two outs an inning prior when I wasn’t even trying to steal home!

So just keep the weirdness of MLB in your brain and be sure to contribute to the thread on OS.