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Can’t find any Bladers Rebirth Codes? Scroll down to find our ‘Active Codes’ section, which should hopefully have some working codes noted down!

Bladers Rebirth is a Roblox game based on the Beyblade franchise! Try out a variety of different builds in the arena, and battle against other Bladers. Upgrade your blades, customise them to your liking, and let it rip.

Play the game now via the official Roblox page! Looking for new Roblox games to try out? Check out our Anime Last Stand Gojo guide for all Jujutsu Kaisen fans and our Best Element in Robending Online guide for fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Bladers Rebirth Codes

Beyblade fans unite! The codes in this guide grant you a bounty of free rewards to help you in your blading journey.

Active Codes

If you’re on the way to becoming the strongest Blader around, some freebies won’t go amiss! Use the codes in the list below to garner a bunch of free rewards for yourself.

  • Unfortunately, there aren’t any codes for Bladers Rebirth yet! Not to worry though, as there will more than likely be new codes soon. This happens with a lot of newly launched Roblox games, so it’s not out of the usual. Just remember to bookmark this page so you can check back every day for any updates!

How to Redeem Bladers Rebirth Codes

Get back to experimenting with a variety of builds quickly by speeding up your redemption with these easy steps!

  • While some new Roblox games have the code redemption function in place, even without codes, Bladers Rebirth does not. This code redemption box will be available once the first code becomes available in-game. I suspect that it will be hidden within the shop or settings menu. However, the game may have its own ‘Codes’ button – we’ll have to wait and see.