Game Of Thrones: Tyrion Lannister’s Best Quotes

Game of Thrones is one of the most fascinating and well-known shows of all time, having delivered some of the very best writing that has ever been on television. Between the dragons and battles, there were many moments of incredibly well-written dialogue, leading to a huge number of amazing and memorable quotes.


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Despite not generally being one of the better fighters in Westeros, Tyrion Lannister has been through a lot, some of it before the show began, and he manages to survive it all. Moving up and down in position and ranking faster than almost any other character in the show, Tyrion is constantly talking his way out of situations, often coming out with excellent one-liners along the way.

Updated on March 27th, 2024, by Chris Harkin: Though Game of Thrones is no longer running, there are many other projects like House of the Dragon and other potential spin-off series still keeping the franchise relevant. As fans revisit the show, one of the things they reminisce on the most is the amazing writing contained throughout the legendary series. Characters like Tyrion Lannister have an endless volume of great words spoken. His journeys across Westeros and beyond, coming into contact with most other major players, makes his position in the show uniquely suited for great quotes and moments.

10 “Never Forget What You Are, The Rest Of The World Will Not”

Reminds The Audience Of His & Jon’s Shared Struggle

Tyrion And Jon Snow

  • Said to Jon Snow
  • Said In Season 1, Episode 1

Many of Tyrion’s words of wisdom are given to Jon Snow. Whether it is early in the series when they first meet, or near the very end when they come back together. Reminding Jon that he is a bastard but not to shy away from this title, Tyrion is one of the first people in Jon’s life who tells him to raise his head high and be proud of what he is.

Upon being reminded by Jon that Tyrion doesn’t know anything about being a bastard, Tyrion reminds him that all dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes. This, coming in the first episode, set the tone for much of Tyrion’s relationship with his own family during the rest of the series.

9 “A Mind Needs Books Like A Sword Needs A Whetstone”

Shows Tyrion As Different From Other Men

Tyrion Teaching Jon Snow

  • Said to Jon Snow
  • Said In Season 1, Episode 2

One of the early quotes that showcased what Tyrion truly valued came in the second episode of the show. Tyrion’s relationship with Jon Snow was intermittent throughout the series, but incredibly important. In one of his first monologs, Tyrion tells Jon that he must provide for the family with his mind, advice Jon needs for the trials ahead of him, including the long night.

As a character, Tyrion has always been great with words. His monologs made for some of the very best moments in the history of Game of Thrones. Speaking in a matter-of-fact tone about how he would have been left to die if he’d been born a peasant, Tyrion tells Jon that training the mind is more important than most others would ever tell him, helping spur Jon onwards toward the leadership positions he would face in life.

8 “Death Is So Final. Whereas Life, Ah, Life Is Full Of Possibilities”

Shows Off Tyrion’s Fun-Loving Side

Tyrion In Game Of Thrones

  • Said to Jaime Lannister
  • Said In Episode Season 1, Episode 2

In the same episode, Tyrion has a conversation with his brother Jaime about Bran Stark being broken. A casual conversation, proving the difference between the brothers early on, would go on to be incredibly important. This was Tyrion saying that Bran’s life could still be great and was worth living.


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This proved to be wildly significant, as he would later be the one to advocate for Bran to be King at the end of the series, and to take on the role of his Hand. Believing that life is worth living, and enjoying, was one of the things that Tyrion held onto throughout the series, and it kept him going through some brutally tough situations, especially his relationship with his sister.

7 “I Have A Tender Spot In My Heart For Cripples, Bastards & Broken Things”

Shows Kindness Within The Snarkiness

Tyrion Lannister & Bran Stark In Game Of Thrones

  • Said To Robb Stark
  • Said In Season 1, Episode 4

Tyrion Lannister has a soft spot in his heart, as any truly good person does, and his sympathies lie with those who struggle to gain respect in society, like he always did as a dwarf. This included the likes of Jon Snow, as Tyrion also felt like a bastard in his father’s house, and Bran Stark after he was crippled.

Tyrion returned to Winterfell, at great cost in the end, to ensure that Bran would at least still be able to ride a horse in the future with a design he brought for a special saddle. Despite the distrustfulness of Robb Stark, Tyrion persevered because, as he admitted, he felt a need to help cripples and broken things.

6 “I Try To Know As Many People As I Can. You Never Know Which One You’ll Need”

Shows That Tyrion Understands Where Real Power Lies

Tyrion And Shae

  • Said to Shae
  • Said In Season 3, Episode 2

Tyrion often had to speak his way out of situations, like mentioning to his lover, Shae, that he knew another prostitute. However, in doing so on this occasion, he also managed to come out with some wise words about how to get ahead in Game of Thrones.

People are the key. The master manipulators in the great game all know plenty of people. Varys, one of the most masterful manipulators, has spies everywhere and knows everybody. Tyrion understands the great game himself and is (almost) always able to come out on top because he ensures he is on good terms with as many people as possible.

5 “It’s Not Easy Being Drunk All The Time. Everyone Would Do It If It Were Easy”

Shows Tyrion Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

Tyrion And Podrick In Game Of Thrones

  • Said to Podrick Payne
  • Said In Season 3, Episode 10

Tyrion has several endearing friendships throughout the show. Though many of his relationships don’t work out or end sadly, Podrick Payne remains loyal to him as long as possible, and even survives and becomes a member of the new Kingsguard in the finale of Game of Thrones.

One of the great pieces of advice Tyrion gives him is that his drunkenness isn’t everything it appears. Tyrion is always a little further ahead of people than they think, and while he likes to enjoy himself, he is also able to force people to further underestimate him via his drinking and lechery, making it easier for him to outwit people.

4 “Monsters Are Dangerous, And Just Now, Kings Are Dying Like Flies”

Indicative Of His Stance On Joffrey

Tyrion Lannister In Game Of Thrones

  • Said To Joffrey Baratheon
  • Said In Season 3, Episode 10

Tyrion was never afraid to stand up to his nephew. Joffrey was a poor king, and Tyrion was the only member of his family that would properly stand up to him. Even Tywin didn’t often speak against Joffrey’s torturing of people and misbehaving.

But Tyrion, besides slapping Joffrey and attempting to halt his behavior on many occasions, also threatened him on this occasion, when Joffrey tried to command that Robb Stark’s head be served to Sansa at his wedding feast. Even Cersei and Tywin weren’t really on Joffrey’s side for this one, but it took Tyrion’s brutal threat to wake them to the need to stop Joffrey.

3 “I Wish I Was The Monster You Think I Am”

Shows The Frustration Tyrion Lives With

Tyrion On Trial

  • Said to King’s Landing
  • Said In Season 4, Episode 6

The trial of Tyrion Lannister was Peter Dinklage’s best performance in the role. This episode was the one where Tyrion was put on trial for the murder of King Joffrey, in a very much rigged investigation. His speech starts with a scathing indictment of the people of King’s Landing; moving on to admitting that he is guilty of being a dwarf, and then screaming at his father about the treatment he has bestowed upon him his entire life.


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He turned to the crowded people in the throne room and proclaimed that he wished he was the person who would commit the acts of murder he was accused of, before shockingly announcing he wanted trial by combat. This ingenious series of moves showed how Tyrion struggled with his conscience, sometimes wishing he was as heartless and cold-blooded as the rest of his family, before showing his father that, even with the deck stacked against him, he could outwit him, and Cersei. For the latter, pushing Tyrion away was a major mistake.

2 “That’s What I Do, I Drink And I Know Things”

Sums Up Tyrion’s Entire Character

Tyrion Lannister

  • Said to Missandei
  • Said In Season 6, Episode 2

After joining Daenerys, Tyrion needs all of his wit to charm his way into her service. After managing this, he has to go further and become an expert at all manner of things, including her dragons. After being questioned by Missandei about how he knows so much about the beasts, he boils down his entire character to six words.

Tyrion is a generally light-hearted character, a rarity in Game of Thrones, but he is constantly burdened with great purpose. He would be happier drinking and whoring his way through life, but he has a conscience and can’t seem to get rid of it, so he helps those who he believes should be in power, never seeking it for himself.

1 “Love Is More Powerful Than Reason. We All Know That”

Speaks Of Past Sadness, And Future Necessity

Tyrion In The Game Of Thrones Finale

  • Said to Jon Snow
  • Said In Season 8, Episode 6

The final great Tyrion moment, in a long list, came during the final episode of the show, when he had finally accepted, despite his love and devotion to Daenerys, that she had to be stopped. Tyrion was slow on the uptake this time around, and after the destruction of King’s Landing, he very much regretted not listening to Varys and stopping Dany.

Her wrath showed in full force during the battle. There was nothing that Tyrion could do but ask Jon to make the great sacrifice. He wasn’t hopeful, because he understood being a fool in love, but he asked Jon to make this sacrifice anyway, knowing he was the only one left who could stop Daenerys from reigning with an iron fist over their already beleaguered kingdoms.

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