Dragon’s Dogma 2: Short-Sighted Ambition Walkthrough

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Bakbattahl is the capital of Battahl, and it’s full of merchants that sell a variety of items in Dragon’s Dogma 2. One of them requires players’ help, as usual, and sends them to grab a couple of stuff he wants to read a certain book.

The Short-Sighted Ambition Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 does have consequences, so Arisens needs to choose carefully as it will affect the life of a certain NPC in the game. The mission takes place in Bakbattahl and players may need to travel to another town to complete the task.



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How To Trigger The Short-Sighted Ambition Quest In Dragon’s Dogma 2

isaac wares in dragons dogma 2

To trigger the Short-Sighted Ambition Quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you need to purchase anything from Isaac’s Wares. The shop owner will give the wrong item and his wife will help him. Isaac proceeds to explain that his eyesight has gotten foggy ever since he started reading a grimoire he found named On the Transference of Souls, which supposedly allows the reader to summon things from beyond the rift. The shop owner wants Arisens to bring him a Quince since it helps relax fatigued eyes.

Ripened Quince Location

quince location in dragons dogma 2

There are many places in which you can collect Quince in Dragon’s Dogma 2. It can be collected from bushes in the desert of Battahl, or it can be obtained from killing Knackers and Gore Harpies. If you don’t wish to fight, head to the building found southwest of Bakbattahl to find a Quince bush.

If it’s not ripened, pass time in Dragon’s Dogma 2 by dozing off on a bench or sleeping at a campfire until the fruit is ripened and then give it to Isaac. Wait for a day and then talk to him again, and he’ll ask for the second volume of the grimoire he’s reading.

Where To Find The Grimoire’s Second Volume

where to find on the transference of souls grimoire in dragons dogma 2

Go to Ibrahim’s Scrap Store in Checkpoint Rest Town and buy the On the Transference of Souls 2 grimoire in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You can easily reach the town by taking an oxcart from Bakbattahl.

If players want a “good” ending,
request the forgery of the grimoire at Ibrahim’s shop
while they’re buying the book.

Should You Give Isaac The Grimoire In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

short sighted ambition bad ending in dragons dogma 2

If you give Isaac On the Transference of Souls 2 grimoire, he leads players to his home where he attempts to do the ritual. At first, nothing seems to be changing, but Isaac soon discovers that both his wife and daughter have turned to ash. As a result, Isaac will close his shop, and you will get the Ring of Disfavor. This can be considered a “bad” ending.

short sighted ambition good ending in dragons dogma 2

If Arisen wants a “good” ending, give Isaac a replica of the grimoire. This way, when he reads it, nothing happens and his family will stay alive. Since the ritual didn’t work, Isaac will put the first volume of On the Transference of Souls for sale, and you can buy it after a few days in-game to combine it with the second volume. As a result, you will unlock the Celestial Paean spell.

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