Stellar Blade Demo is Now Live on PS5

Shift Up’s demo for Stellar Blade, its upcoming hack-and-slash action RPG, is now available for PS5 players after accidentally going live earlier this month. Featuring the opening section, it sees players controlling Eve as she battles the Naytiba. The demo is roughly an hour long and outlines the basics of combat while featuring the first boss fight.

Along with 4K, 60 FPS and Balanced modes for the visuals, the demo offers multiple voice-over languages, including English, Korean, Italian, Spanish, French and more. Those who clear can carry over save data to the game when it launches next month. Alternatively, they can replay the boss fight and polish up their skills.

Stellar Blade launches on April 26th for $70, exclusively on the PS5. Inspired by NieR: Automata, a “huge driving force” for the project, it offers a 25-hour main story (with several collectables and outfits) and semi-open world stages to explore. If it proves too challenging, the game offers support features to make combat easier.