Epic Games just nerfed easiest XP method in Fortnite

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Earning XP in Fortnite is extremely easy. With several big game modes and Creative, reaching level 100 can be done without much effort. Furthermore, each season lasts for approximately three months, so you only need to level up once per day on average. Despite this, some players use unconventional methods to earn XP in Fortnite, and Epic Games just released a nerf for the easiest one.

Leveling up in LEGO Fortnite is no longer possible when you’re away from your gaming system. Fortunately, Epic didn’t nerf Creative maps. Due to this, you can check out our list of the best Fortnite XP maps and use them to level up your Battle Pass. These maps offer you a quick and easy way to earn XP and boost your level.

Epic nerfed AFK leveling in LEGO Fortnite

Over the past few months, the easiest method of leveling up was being idle in LEGO Fortnite. You simply needed to get into your world and stay there for a few hours. This easy method would get you approximately five levels, which is why many players used it. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to earn XP this way after the latest Fortnite nerf.

While you can still earn XP in this game mode, you will have to actively play to do it. Considering that it’s quite easy to earn levels this season, it’s no surprise that Epic nerfed this XP method. It was in the game for nearly four months, and many players earned millions of XP with it. However, those who relied on this method to boost their level will have to find another way to complete the Battle Pass.

Leveling up in LEGO Fortnite while being AFK is no longer possible. Captured by VideoGamer

With LEGO Fortnite getting a massive update this week, there is a lot of new content available in it. Due to this, you should create a new world and explore it will all the new tools and additions. It’s important to note that Epic did not nerf the amount of XP you can get in this Fortnite mode, so you can still earn a couple of easy levels while playing. The only thing that was nerfed was the AFK method, which had nothing to do with active players.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 is scheduled to end on May 24. In other words, you have 56 more days to complete the Battle Pass, as of March 29. To unlock all the basic rewards, you need to level up twice per day, if you started on level 1. To unlock everything, aim for at least three levels per day, as you’ll need to reach level 200 to get every single reward.