Likely Palworld Bellanoir spawn location discovered for upcoming update

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Palworld fans have been screaming for new content for a while, and thankfully new additions are on the way very soon. Not only are we getting a new pal, but they are also taking form in the shape of a raid battle. With the upcoming update heavily anticipated, the likely location and coordinates for the Bellanoir raid battle spawn have been shared by Palworld fans.

Pocketpair’s Pokémon with guns has been one of the biggest games of the year so far alongside Helldivers 2. Xbox is partnering with Pocketpair to bring dedicated servers to console, and Forbes even predicts that Microsoft will try to buy the developer. Pocketpair has committed to remaining a small studio, but the CEO has admitted to being open to the idea of an acquisition.

Whatever the long-term future of Pocketpair and Palworld remains to be seen, but in the more immediate future we are set to get a new pal named Bellanoir who will be the game’s first raid battle. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the goth girl’s arrival, and the likely coordinates of their spawn location have been shared.

Likely Palworld Bellanoir raid battle spawn location

YouTuber Illogical Gaming has shared the likely spawn location for the Bellanoir raid battle in the Palpagos Islands judging by the Palworld trailer. Based on the trailer and backdrop alone, it’s estimated that the raid battle will take place at the coordinates 106, 248.

You can find the coordinates in the bottom left-hand corner of the map in game. Of course, this isn’t official and is merely an educated assumption based on the location seen in the trailer along with Pocketpair’s confirmation that it will happen in the Palpagos Islands.

The upcoming Bellanoir has been described by Pocketpair as a ‘powerful evil Pal’ coming to the game in a future update. You can check out the trailer embedded in the Palworld_EN Twitter post below.

This is a very exciting imminent update for the game. There are over 100 pals part of the complete paldeck already, but fans have been starving for even more to be added to the overworld. And not only are we getting a pal, but we are also getting a raid battle that should delight the community.

Unfortunately, we do not know the release date for when Bellanoir will debut. All Pocketpair’s announcement says is that the raid battle is ‘coming soon,’ so hopefully the debut is right around the corner as the announcement was posted on March 15th.

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Palworld is available on Steam, along with Xbox and PC through Game Pass.