Fortnite fans find another strange reason to diss Epic Games

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There has been plenty of top content released in Fortnite recently, but fans have still found another strange reason to diss Epic Games! The release of Season 5 Chapter 2 is still fairly fresh, letting us take on the Olympian boss gods, try out new weapons, and unlock the latest Battle Pass rewards.

We have had a couple of updates and multiple cases of compensation. The most recent has seen Fortnite accounts receive thousands of V-Bucks! LEGO Fortnite also gained a massive update with v29.10, which included the highly-requested feature of steerable vehicles.

During this time, we have seen Fortnite players air a weird complaint about Chapter 5. This has been followed up with another niche find, that some of the community have used to slam Epic Games.

“Ares is a shy boy”

If the opportunity arises to take the mick out of game developers, fans will often jump at the chance! That is exactly what happened when u/Alphasilverhawk spotted this badly cropped image in Fortnite and posted it on Reddit:

Image from

Accompanied by the messages “Epic’s UI team continues to impress me lmao” and “All you see is the top of his helmet and mostly his pickaxe lol”, it’s clear the OP saw the funny side of this poor effort from Epic Games. Most of the other people in the discussion could also be put in this bracket, with u/Bulky-Hyena-360 saying “Ares is a shy boy, leave him be…” and u/kavon_rtep adding “He’s insecure about his height, leave him alone”.

However, some Fortnite fans didn’t necessarily see the funny side, seeing this as an opportunity to diss Epic Games instead. As u/Anxiety-Queen269 pointed out, “Damn who knew firing 900 employees then releasing 3 basically entirely new games would have consequences?! Clearly not epic.”

A bit of an attack out of nowhere, some thought this was a bit of an overreaction. Especially for an image that could quickly be fixed. Yet, if little mistakes like this keep cropping up, questions will be asked.