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Not sure which weapon to go for in your preferred fighting style? Take a gander at our Cursed Sea Weapon tier list then! Every weapon, no matter the fighting style, has been ranked.

Head to the game’s official Roblox page to try out some weapons! Before you go though, check out our Cursed Sea Tier List that ranks all curses (or Devil Fruit) in the game, as well as our Cursed Sea Skills guide that teaches you how to get fresh skills!

Cursed Sea Weapon Tier List

There are 6 fighting styles in Cursed Sea at this current time. Every fighting style comes with its own set of weapons, ranging from common to legendary rarities. Because of this, some weapons are stronger than others even within the same fighting style category!

S Tier

The best weapons to use in Cursed Sea,

  • Dragon Bone (Dagger Fighting Style)
  • Slayer’s Blade (Katana Fighting Style)
  • Black and White (Gun Fighting Style
  • Dragon Gauntlets (Fist Fighting Style)
  • King’s Blade (Greatsword Fighting Style)
  • Royal Knight Boots (Blackleg Fighting Style)

A Tier

Still top-tier weapons in their own right.

  • Mythril Dagger (Dagger Fighting Style)
  • Mythril Edged Dagger (Dagger Fighting Style)
  • Mythril Katana (Katana Fighting Style)
  • Mythril Guns (Gun Fighting Style)
  • Mythril Greatsword (Greatsword Fighting Style)
  • Black Bandages (Fist Fighting Style)
  • Mythril Boots (Blackleg Fighting Style)

B Tier

I can’t say I’m a big fan of these weapons, but they do the job.

  • Steel Guns (Gun Fighting Style)
  • Steel Dagger (Dagger Fighting Style)
  • Steel Katana (Katana Fighting Style)
  • Bronze Katana (Katana Fighting Style)
  • Steel Greatsword (Greatsword Fighting Style)
  • Red Bandages (Fist Fighting Style)
  • Steel Boots (Blackleg Fighting Style)

C Tier

I recommend staying well away from these weapons.

  • Yellow Bandages (Fist Fighting Style)
  • Wooden Edge Dagger (Dagger Fighting Style
  • Bronze Dagger (Dagger Fighting Style
  • Bronze Greatsword (Greatsword Fighting Style)
  • Yellow Bandages (Fist Fighting Style)
  • Bronze Boots (Blackleg Fighting Style)

D Tier

The worst weapons in the One Piece-inspired Roblox game.

  • Bandages (Fist Fighting Style)
  • Practice Guns (Gun Fighting Style)
  • Wooden Dagger (Dagger Fighting Style)
  • Wooden Katana (Katana Fighting Style)
  • Wooden Greatsword (Greatsword Fighting Style)

About Cursed Sea

Cursed Sea is a Roblox game that takes you to the seven seas as you engage in combat on the waters. Progress through a range of quests as you improve your mastery by taking part in battles.

Wield different curses to find which is best for you and dive into PvP challenges with combat that relies on excelling in parrying!