New Valorant Agent select screen has been leaked

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Valorant is a game that sees regular updates with new content and features, including new maps, agents, weapons, and more. Just as important, although often overlooked, are the small quality of life changes that make the overall playing experience much more enjoyable. These can be changes to the UI or the addition of new settings to enhance the experience. One of these upcoming changes is a brand new agent selection screen. While this sounds like a very minor change, it will help to enhance the lobby of the game and provide more information and a cleaner look to the game.

The prominent Valorant leaker, Valorleaks, has revealed that the game is set to receive a new agent selection screen, marking the first time it has been updated in some time. Currently, the agent selection screen displays the agent list at the bottom of the screen and your team’s selection on the left side. This new screen flips it with the agent list on the left and team selection on the bottom. However, the biggest change is that more information about the agent is displayed on the right side of the screen, which will come in handy when trying to choose the right agent for you.

Image via Riot Games

This new leak comes following the announcement of the next controller to come to Valorant called Clove, who was first announced during the recent VCT Masters Madrid tournament. Valorant’s executive producer Anna Donlon also recently gave an update on the highly requested Replay System, which unfortunately looks like it will be a while before it goes live.

With Clove coming to the game, along with new quality of life changes, now is a great time to try out Valorant for the first time. We highly recommend checking out our list for the best PCs to play Valorant, along with a look at what equipment the pro players are using to win competitive tournaments across the world.