How to Get Ancient Civilization Cores in Palworld

Ancient Civilization Cores are a new resource that was added to Palworld after the recent global update. This material is used to craft a lot of cool new items and structures, such as Ability Glasses or Electric Egg Incubator, but it’s quite difficult to get. If you’re a beginner, you’ll need to significantly progress in the game to be able to obtain this resource, but if you’re already a pro, you need to know how to get Ancient Civilization Cores in Palworld.


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Palworld: How to Obtain Ancient Civilization Cores


Ancient Civilization Cores are often confused with Ancient Civilization Parts, although they are two different resources, the method of obtaining them is quite similar. If to get Ancient Civilization Parts you will need to kill world bosses, then in the case of Ancient Civilization Cores, you will need to defeat raid bosses. Raid bosses are much stronger and to fight them, you will need to put in a lot of effort.

Currently, there is only Bellanoir, but there are also two other versions of this Pal: Bellanoir Libero and Bellanoir Libero (Ultra). Each of the following versions is much stronger, so if you are not advanced enough in the game, it is better to battle with the regular Bellanoir.

Fighting a raid boss is not easy because you can’t just find him somewhere in the world and start a battle, as in the case of world bosses; instead, you have to summon it. To summon a raid boss, you will first need to get a Bellanoir Slab. The Bellanoir Slab, in turn, can be crafted on a workbench or assembly line from four Bellanoir Slab Fragments. Obtaining these fragments is not easy, as they spawn exclusively in high-level dungeon chests, and the chance of dropping them is not guaranteed, so it may take some time to collect them.


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Once you have created the Bellanoir Slab, you will also need to build the Summoning Altar. This structure can be unlocked at level 33 in the Technology tab. Fortunately, the resources to build this structure are very easy to find:

  • Palladium Fragments x20
  • Stone x100

It is worth noting that you will need to place the Summoning Altar at your base to be able to summon the raid boss. In this case, it is not recommended to use the main base because during the battle the boss will destroy everything around. If you have another base where you have not built anything, you should use it for the boss battle.

After summoning Bellanoir, you will face a difficult battle because this Pal has 300,000HP, and you have only ten minutes to defeat it. It is recommended to use Pals with Dragon elemental type for the battle because Bellanoir has a weakness for it. Also, stock up on a good weapon, such as an assault rifle, and don’t forget to bring plenty of ammo. So, when you finally defeat the raid boss, you will get the long-awaited rewards, including precious Ancient Civilization Cores.



January 19, 2024

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