Overwatch 2 Fan Shares Brilliant Idea For Lucio Mythic Skin


  • Overwatch 2 introduced Mythic skins with unique customization options that reflect a season’s theme, and one fan has a great suggestion for a Lucio Mythic.
  • Redditor rogueofspades believes a Mythic Lucio skin should have customizable music, building on Lucio’s music-themed lore and in-game kit.
  • Considering that the Jazzy skin already offers some unique music, it is not out of the realm of possibility for a Lucio mythic to have a few unique tracks to choose from.

An inventive Overwatch 2 fan has shared their idea for a Mythic Lucio skin, which would see players customizing the music the hero plays. Since the first Overwatch, Blizzard has released countless skins for the characters within its hero shooter, but with the release of Overwatch 2, the devs have introduced a new skin tier with a unique feature.

This new tier is called Mythic, which joined Overwatch 2 with the release of the game’s first battle pass. Unlike other skins, Overwatch 2‘s Mythic skins reflect the season’s theme and have a high level of customization. To get all the customization options for these skins, Overwatch 2 players must complete the battle pass, with the final tier unlocking all the options. So far, nine Overwatch 2 heroes have received Mythic skins, with impressive looks introduced for Genji, Junker Queen, Kiriko, Sigma, Tracer, Ana, Hanzo, Orisa, and most recently, Moira.


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Reddit user roqueofspades shared a creative idea for a Mythic Lucio skin that would see one of the customization options allowing players to change the music Lucio plays. The player recalls that Overwatch 2 already has unique music for a skin via the Jazzy Lucio outfit, where the hero looks like a jazz musician, and in turn his songs have a traditional jazz groove beat. The OP also notes that for this idea to become a reality, Blizzard’s hero shooter would have to return to offering “real customization options” to players.

How Music Influences Lucio’s Skins in Overwatch 2

One of the members of the roster from the first Overwatch, Lucio is an Overwatch 2 support hero who uses the power of music to help allies with healing and acceleration. According to the hero’s lore, Lucio is a celebrity who inspires social change through his music. This detail of his story inspired the creation of different music-themed skins in addition to Jazzy, such as the Disco, Bard, and Equalizer skins. But despite having skins of varying tiers, including Legendary looks, the Brazilian hero has yet to receive a Mythic skin.

Last year, Overwatch 2 confirmed changes to Mythic skins after a lukewarm reception from players. More recently, Overwatch 2 revealed extra tweaks are coming to Mythic skins, allowing players to choose how far they want to go with the customization options, and giving them the chance to unlock past Mythic skins via a special in-game store. As a game that’s constantly changing, and has a history of making creative skins for its heroes, time will tell which Overwatch 2 characters receive Mythic skins in the coming seasons.

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October 4, 2022