Spider-Man 2 Suit Concept Pays Tribute To a Dead Game Franchise


  • A fan-made Prototype Symbiote Suit for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 sparks nostalgia from fans of the Prototype franchise, with players wishing it would return.
  • Though the community is divided on the official suits in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, everyone seems to love this crossover concept, which adds Alex Mercer’s arm and jacket to the base Symbiote design.
  • The Prototype-themed suit concept for Spider-Man 2 led to a debate on who would win in a fight: Alex or Peter, with Alex getting the most support.

A Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 concept art made by a fan has given a Prototype theme to the Symbiote Suit. The Prototype franchise has been stagnant for over a decade now, though this Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 illustration has brought back some fine memories for several diehard fans of the franchise.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s emphasis on adding a variety of suits led to a polarizing response from the community. While many appreciated the vast selection players got to choose from, others believe that the developers ended up adding a lot of subpar suits in the process. The suits available for both heroes have been a topic of debate, whether that be Miles’ Evolved Suit or Peter’s huge lineup of movie costumes. As a result, fans are always coming up with unique suit designs of their own, which are extremely impressive to say the least. In one such design, a player has showcased what a crossover between the Blacklight virus and the Symbiote would look like.


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In a post on the Insomniac Games subreddit, user NathanRider showcases their illustration of a Prototype-themed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 suit. Named the Prototype Symbiote Suit, it features the iconic blade arm of Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first Prototype game, as well as his black and red jacket. But the icing on the cake is the Venom elements in the picture, with Symbiote tendrils flowing all across the background. For the mask, the player seems to have stuck with the original Symbiote Suit, which blends in perfectly with the rest of the theme.

Venom Meets Blacklight Virus In Impressive Spider-Man 2 Suit Fan Art

Fans are in awe of the creation, with many emphasizing the fact that the Prototype series needs to make a return. Interestingly, several players also mentioned that they played the Prototype games alongside Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. This can be attributed to the fact that controlling the protagonists in the Prototype games has a Venom-like feel to it, which might have drawn many players back to the classic. In fact, a user also states that Prototype 2 was built on the same engine as the canceled Spider-Man 4 game, which is why the mechanics are quite similar to Symbiote’s abilities.

While the design is worthy of praise, it has sparked a fresh debate in the community as to who would win in a fight between Alex and Peter. Surprisingly, the consensus seems to be with Alex, as many believe that he outclasses Peter by a significant margin. Fans continue to hope that the Prototype franchise will be revived someday, with this post echoing the love gamers have for the dormant IP.

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