Things You Should Not Sell To Shops

A big part of Dragon’s Dogma 2 is managing the inventory, as higher carry weights not only make characters run slower but also increase the rate at which they lose stamina. As such, it can be tempting to find the nearest merchant, of which there are many, and offload as much loot to them as possible.

Players will also want to sell items to earn gold in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and for example, selling old armor and weapons is normally the correct choice once they are of no use. However, there are some items with rare properties that players will want to avoid selling altogether. In some cases, these will be items that players will need down the road, and in other cases, they are consumables that should be activated right away.


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6 Camping Kits

These Are Needed To Camp Out In The Wild

Dragon's Dogma 2 Camping Kit

There are many campsites scattered around the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, where players can cook some meat, change their skills, and get some well-deserved rest to heal to full. However, without a Camping Kit, none of this is possible.

Therefore, even though Camping Kits are pretty heavy, they should not be sold unless the player happens to have a huge supply of them. Instead, players can share the burden of carrying them with Pawns, and store any extra ones at an Inn. There also happen to be higher quality Camping Kits that weigh less, making them more efficient.

5 Golden Trove Beetles

Can Be Consumed To Increase Carry Weight

Dragon's Dogma 2 Golden Trove Beetle

Golden Trove Beetles can be found all over the world in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and are often perched on trees just waiting to be picked up. Players should be careful to never sell them, as consuming one will award the Arisen or their main Pawn, an extra 0.15kg of carry weight.

While this isn’t a lot at first, with the amount of Golden Trove Beetles available, the bonuses quickly stack up. There is no downside to using them, and as they sell for a mere 5 gold, it would be a travesty to waste them on a merchant. Carry weight is very important as characters will move slower and expend more stamina based on what they carry. Thankfully, beyond consuming Golden Trove Beetles there are a few other ways to increase the max carry weight in Dragon’s Dogma 2​​​​​​.

4 Jasper, Onyx, & Tiger Eyes

Gives As Gifts To NPCs To Raise Affinity

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There is a mechanic in Dragon’s Dogma 2 called Affinity which represents how much a particular NPC likes the Arisen. The most common and effective way to increase Affinity is to complete quests for the NPC in question and generally help them. However, they can also be given gifts during dialogue.


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One of the huge benefits of gaining the affinity of shopkeepers and wandering merchants is that they will offer a discount on their goods. Thus, while players will at first lose money from giving a gift they could have sold, in the long run, they will save vast amounts of gold if it is a shop they will revisit time and time again. While every NPC has a preferred type of gift, many appreciate fine valuables, such as Jasper, Onyx, and Tiger Eyes, and thus, these should not be sold unless players are already in everyone’s good graces.

3 Meat

Can Be Cooked At Campsites To Provide Bonuses For The Day Or Eaten To Heal

Dragon's Dogma 2 Meat Cooking

Meat, such as a Scrag of Beast or Beast-Steak, is extremely valuable in Dragon’s Dogma 2 as it can be cooked at a campsite to provide combat bonuses for the whole party on the following day. Better quality meat naturally provides more bonuses, and so, unless players have ample supplies that will decay, they should not sell it.

Furthermore, in the game at least, meat can also be eaten raw to restore a high amount of HP, giving players an extra reason to not sell it, especially as they won’t get much gold in return.

2 Ferrystone

One Use Fast Travel

Dragon's Dogma 2 Ferrystone

A Ferrystone is a consumable item that allows players to fast travel to a Portcrystal, and as such, unless players prefer to walk everywhere, they should not be sold. They are fairly rare in the early game, and when players do find a merchant who sells them, they will soon realize that these stones come with a hefty price tag.


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Thankfully, despite being stones, they don’t weigh much, which is always a relief, and after use, a Ferrystone will always disappear. The Portcrystals which players can teleport to can be found in towns, but they must have been activated first. Additionally, players will occasionally obtain their own Portcrystals, which they can place wherever they like for quick access.

1 Seeker’s Tokens

Limited In Number & Can Be Exchanged For Unique Rewards

Dragon's Dogma 2 Seeker's Tokens

Seeker’s Tokens are a rare form of currency, found in the most remote and picturesque locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. There are 240 Seeker’s Tokens to be found, and if players take them to a vocation guild hall, they can be exchanged for unique rewards. For example, exchanging one token will grant the player a Ferrystone, and five a new ring.

This goes all the way up to 220, meaning players need to find all but 20. Even if players manage to find all 240 and have 20 tokens to spare, they should still refrain from selling any for a measly 30 gold, as they can be given to NPCs as gifts for Affinity.

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