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Plus Ultra…? That’s the wrong franchise! This Type Soul Ultra Skills Guide tells you what an Ultra Skill is, how to obtain them and what each of the Ultra Skills are.

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Type Soul Ultra Skills Guide

Ultra Skills work differently from Essences and some players use them side by side. In short, an Ultra Skill is similar to a finishing move. The user and target get forced into a cut scene and a huge attack is played out.

To get an Ultra Skill you’ll need to participate in Clan Wars where they have a small drop chance. If you want a more laid-back approach and have the Robux to spare, the AFK World also has the chance to give you an Ultra Skill. To have your Ultra Skill fully recognised, you need to have 50 Skill Points invested into the Skill Tree which pairs with your chosen Ultra Skill.

Ultra Skills

Onto the Ultra Skills currently within Type Soul! This guide will update as new Ultra Skills make their way into the game. And, as existing Ultra Skills receive nerfs and buffs.

  • Thousand Deaths/Raging Demon – Hakuda Ultra Skill
    • Requires an Ultra Soul Style meter
    • Winds up over 1.5 seconds
    • Deals roughly 20% DMG regardless of race in combat
  • Black Flash – Hakuda Ultra Skill
    • Must be at U rank in your Soul Style meter to use
    • No timing requirement
    • No cooldown timer, however, if overused in a short amount of time it will begin a cooldown
    • Huge pull range
    • Applies an anti-heal for a short period
    • Includes Hyperarmour which can only be broken by Spine Rend
  • Serum W – Speed Ultra Skill
    • Requires both Ultra Style and 250 Points on the Soul Style meter to perform
    • Travels through a block and cripples an enemy for 5 seconds post animation
    • Must have 50 Speed Skill points invested to use