Xcom Legends set to end service according to rumours

There’s been no official announcement as of yet, but by all accounts it seems the game is on the way out

  • XCOM Legends may be shutting down, according to player chatter and the game being pulled from stores
  • Legends was a spin-off of the famous turn-based strategy game for mobile
  • Unfortunately, it received a mixed reception even before release

XCOM Legends, the mobile spin-off of the famous turn-based strategy franchise, is set to shutter, it’s been rumoured. There hasn’t yet been an official statement from developers, but by all accounts, the game looks to have been shut down according to player chatter online. Specifically, a Reddit thread from around a month ago mentions the shutdown was announced in-game.

However, we haven’t been able to confirm this, as the game has been seemingly pulled from storefronts and the official Twitter account for XCOM Legends is conspicuously silent. But in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, we think it’s fair to say that XCOM Legends is effectively shut down, with most players agreeing the given date for service to end was on May 7th.

Legends (sometimes) die

The failure of XCOM Legends, if it’s true, can be said to have been more likely than not. Even before the game was released we were lukewarm in our previews, stating that although Legends was a competent game it did nothing to really distinguish itself. Indeed, the vociferous reception the game got from XCOM fans (the kind of people you’d hope to court with a game like this) probably hampered the game even before its release.

Legends was an idle RPG battler where you gathered ‘famous faces’ from the XCOM franchise to battle it out with alien invaders. It’s worth noting that XCOM is infamous for your soldiers dying, and having very few recognisable soldiers outside of your mission control, who don’t actually fight.

With other games, like Lord of The Rings’ Heroes of Middle Earth set to shutter, are the days of big IP fuelling highly successful mobile games behind us? It could very well be.

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