Xbox Releases Major New Console Update for April 2024


  • All Xbox users benefit from the latest update, with Discord improvements and Game Hubs feature.
  • Users can easily control guest privileges on consoles and avoid unauthorized game/app installations with the new access PIN feature.

Xbox‘s April update for consoles has begun to roll out and includes improvements to Discord, game captures, and guest privileges. The Xbox app on PC has also received a substantial update that introduces Game Hubs to all users.

Xbox’s newest patch is available to everyone and not limited to the Insider Program that tests features early. Earlier this month, Insider members received a patch that improved the Xbox’s controller calibration tool and fixed various bugs. In March, members were also given early access to an upgrade for the Xbox Store’s search function that added AI support so that users could search for games more easily. Xbox fans interested in helping Microsoft test features like these early can sign up for the program on Xbox’s website.


Xbox Game Pass Adds AAA Game With ‘Very Positive’ Reviews

The 50th game to reach Xbox Game Pass in 2024 is a critically acclaimed AAA title with over 55,000 ‘Very Positive’ Steam reviews.

All Xbox users should begin to see the benefits of the console’s newest update, which started to roll out on April 10. Its Discord improvement allows Xbox owners to hear soundboard audio from others. This can be disabled by going to Discord Voice options, then Options, then Mute soundboard. Additionally, users who use OneDrive to back up their game captures should now receive a notification when running low on space on Microsoft’s cloud service. The console’s final upgrade for this update is a guest pin that restricts unauthorized users from installing or uninstalling a game or app. To enable this feature, go to Settings, then System, then Access restrictions.

The Xbox app on PC received a significant improvement on April 10 that added Game Hubs for all users, following an Insider update in February that tested the same feature. To check out Game Hubs, PC users can navigate to any game in their library where they will see a redesigned user interface that aims to present a range of useful information in a pretty succinct manner, including HowLongToBeat statistics, friend activity within said game, achievement info, and more.

As for console news, Xbox fans recently heard a promising update regarding the brand’s next flagship device. Xbox’s president confirmed that Microsoft is “moving full speed ahead” with work on its next-gen console, which will apparently bring “the biggest technological leap” ever seen between two generations. The executive confirmed that more news should be released during the 2024 holiday season.

Microsoft is also expected to release a new Xbox Series X model later this year. Leaked images show it as an all-white Xbox with no disk drive, suggesting an exclusively digital approach. Insiders say that the Series X refresh will not feature any major hardware upgrades, but will include some minor ones like an improved heatsink.

Xbox Console Update Patch Notes

Soundboard audio effects in Discord

Using Discord on your console? You can now hear soundboard audio effects from the other people on the call or voice channel. If you find them distracting, you can mute them in the Discord options. To do so, press the Xbox button to open the guide and select Parties & chat > Discord > Options > Mute soundboard.

If you’re in a live voice channel, just open the guide and select Options, then select Mute soundboard from the menu.

New option to block guests from installing or uninstalling games and apps

If you want more control over which actions other people using your console can take, create an access PIN and set up parameters. Already have a PIN? We’ve added a new option to block guest users from installing or uninstalling games or apps to your device. To adjust your options, open the guide and go to Profile & system > Settings > System > Access restrictions.

Known issues


Some players have reported intermittent audio issues across the dashboard or when launching games or apps.

If you encounter this behavior, report this issue and choose the Report with advanced diagnostics option. Make sure to include information like audio setup, when this issue occurred, troubleshooting steps tried, and other relevant info.

Provide feedback to Team Xbox

Workaround: Reboot the console and games should launch normally.


Some players may see an issue where their console doesn’t connect to their network as expected on boot. If you experience this, be sure to report the issue via Report a Problem as soon as you’re able.

Provide feedback to Team Xbox

Workaround: Wait a minute for the console to establish a connection. If your console still hasn’t connected, restart your Xbox from the Power Center by holding the Xbox button  down and selecting Restart console > Restart.


Xbox Series X

Microsoft’s ninth-generation console, the Xbox Series X is a powerful machine that can support 4K resolution and 60 fps, depending on the game. Released alongside the Xbox Series S, the Series X has a Custom AMD Zen 2 CPU, a Custom RDNA 2 GPU, and 16 GB of RAM. 


Original Release Date
November 10, 2020

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9.8 LBS