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Our Clover Retribution Devils guide will go over all things devil in the new update of Clover Retribution. Including how to make a contract with them, Devil Rifts, and how to defeat them.

You can play the game on the official Roblox website. Unsure which weapons are the best? Take a look at our Clover Retribution Weapon Tier List. Or, if you need some ideas on what to craft, we have a Clover Retribution Crafting Guide.

Clover Retribution Devils

The newest update of Clover Retribution is called the Devil update… and there’s a lot to unpack! We’re here to help go through everything so you’re completely caught up.


The new update has given players the chance to make a contract with a devil… just like Black Butler! To do this, you need to find a Devil Portal. This only has a 1% spawn chance during every World Event. There are two different contracts you can make with a devil:

  • Bound Contract –  You will gain 50% of the devil’s stats when you call for them. However, you must sacrifice either your EXP, Max HP, Soul Drain effect, or Gold.
  • Unbound Contract – You will gain 80% of the devil’s stats… and you won’t have to make any sacrifices! However, you will have to defeat the devil in a 1v1 battle to make this contract.

You can also form a union with a devil, which will let you activate a special type of aura. This will increase your overall statistics. However, the amount your statistics increase will depend on the current statistics that your devil has. When you use this, you will use Devilish Mana. The only way to get Devilish Mana back is by consuming Soul Fragments. You can get these from NPCs, but only whilst you have a devil. You can decrease Mana by making the devil level up – however, the way to do this varies on the devil you have.

Devil Rifts

Devil Rifts allows you to boost your stats for a short amount of time. Each rift can be found in a Devil Portal, and the colour of the portal will show you the Devil you’ll face. Below are all the portals and the corresponding buffs they provide.

  • Purple Portal – Intelligence
  • Red Portal – Constitution
  • Orange Portal –  Strength
  • Yellow Portal – Dexterity

Each portal has a different tier to represent the level of the Devil you will be facing. Below is each tier and the chance of obtaining it.

  • Tier 1 (58% chance) –  Level 100-200
  • Tier 2 (29% chance) –  Level 200-300
  • Tier 3 (12% chance) – Level 300-400
  • Tier 4 (1% chance) – Level 400-600

Killing Devils

If you kill a devil, you will be able to get the following items:

  • Devil’s Heart – Increases the tier of the devil you have
  • Devil’s Eye – Rerolls your devil’s stats
  • Devil’s Horn – Allows you to reroll to change your devil’s name and appearance (I’ll make mine look like Sebastian Michaelis)

You can use these items by visiting the NPC called Devil’s Advocate, who can be found in the ‘secret’ location on the map. This NPC can also remove the devil you currently have which costs 50,000 Gold. You can also use Robux, however, I don’t recommend doing that unless you have a lot to spare!


The Hellfire devil deals fire damage and uses a variety of different moves. When it is in its down phase, it will not attack you. This is the only chance you have to deal damage to it.

It uses the following attacks:

  • Hellfire Explosion – Every attack phase will have an explosion centered around him.
  • Meteor – Meteors will home in on you and attack. He will cast this attack 12 times in each phase.
  • Hellfire Tower – Once the devil goes below ?? HP he will start to summon towers under your feet which will deal continuous damage and burn you.
  • Homing Hellfire Bullets – Once the devil goes below ??HP he will fire bullets that home in directly at you.
  • Hellfire Bullets – The devil will create small flame bullets that fire at you.