Where Are Players Like Jung Ho Lee and Yoshinobu Yamamoto in MLB The Show 24?

Today was a rough start to the MLB career of Yoshinobu Yamamoto, but this also probably means some people are wondering where players like him or Jung Ho Lee of the San Francisco Giants are right now in MLB The Show 24.

After all, Yamamoto was even in last year’s game. The quick explanation there is Yamamoto was tied to the WBC, and a bunch of WBC players that were not actually in MLB had specific licensing deals that meant they showed up in something like Diamond Dynasty but then were removed once that licensing agreement came to an end.

With the normal MLB rosters in MLB The Show 24, a handful of players expected to be on Opening Day rosters are not on them right now. But this should be corrected in the next couple weeks once SDS is able to put out an Opening Day roster. We’ve never gotten a complete explanation for why certain players need to accrue service time before getting on the rosters while others do not, but this is usually the basic hold up for why newly signed players from international leagues are not in by day one (plus some others).

And with no import/export feature like in some other games to add or remove individual players once a franchise has started, your only other option for now is hit up The Vault and download some of these players if you want to get your franchise started. However, I would say to be patient and maybe just do a trial franchise for now before starting the “real” thing in a couple weeks. You don’t need to wait until June/July for the “full” OSFM roster or anything like that, but guys like Yamamoto are probably worth waiting for if you want to get the most out of your franchise mode experience.

After the official Opening Day roster is out, we’ll also likely have an updated list on the forums that will mention who is still not on the right MLB roster, and at that point you can download anyone missing from The Vault to fill in the gaps if you’re striving for realism.

…Or just do whatever you want, it’s your game after all.