Lucifer Idle tips and hints


Tip #1 – Character development is your key to success

There are a few different ways to improve Lucifer’s stats and abilities and you’ll want to pay attention to them all.

The first thing you’ll want to do is access the character development menu by tapping on the image of Lucifer’s face that’s near the bottom of your device’s screen. From here, you can use gold to boost a variety of your warrior’s attributes, such as her attack power, attack speed, max HP and MP levels.

You can even increase the amount of gold that Lucifer will find during her battles, which allows you to perform more upgrades.

Another thing you want to pay particular attention to is Lucifer’s skills, which come in active and passive varieties and can be found by tapping on the spell book image near the bottom of your display.

You can upgrade any of the skills you’ve unlocked to increase their potency or equip entirely new skills from this menu.

Make sure you perform these enhancements frequently.


Tip #2 – Some missions need a hands-on approach

A shot of the battlefield and a completed mission in Lucifer Idle

Lucifer may be able to slay beasts and complete some of her tasks independently, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect her completely.

Lucifer idle is chocked full of missions that require more of a hands-on approach if you want to complete them, which is definitely recommended as they offer some rather useful rewards.

Most of these missions are pretty straightforward and usually involve raising Lucifer’s HP or MP to a specific level, upgrading her skills, or making sure she’s equipped with the latest and greatest weaponry.

The rewards for completing said missions include gold, diamonds, skill upgrade stones and a variety of summoning tickets that can be spent to unlock new weapons, orbs and – as you progress further into the game – pets and relics.

If you’re looking to advance through Lucifer idle as quickly as possible, spending time to finish missions is a great way to do so.


Tip #3 – Weapons are a hero’s best friend

A lot of staves sorted by their power level

If watching hundreds of action movies has taught us anything, it’s that having access to a vast arsenal of weapons will significantly increase your chances of coming out of a heated battle unscathed.

Equipment in Lucifer idle is unlocked via summons, which require summon tickets to perform. Unfortunately, while you can pick the category of equipment that you’d like to summon for, the specific item that you receive will be chosen at random.

Weapons are useless if they’re sat in your armoury collecting dust, so every time you perform a summon be sure to double-check if any of the pieces you’ve just received are better than what Lucifer already has equipped.

Another thing to keep a close eye on is upgrades, as these can drastically improve Lucifer’s damage output.

Head on over to the gear menu any time that you earn upgrade stones and see if you have enough to improve your champion’s loadout. Doing so will give you an undeniable edge in battle.

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