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Wondering what the Best Cero Path in Type Soul is? I’ve picked my favourite Cero Path, as well as the best runner-up, whilst also explaining why they’re my top picks.

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Best Cero Path in Type Soul

You’ll notice that my 2 top picks for a Cero Path are fairly similar in nature. I prioritise AoE damage that can keep multiple enemies back, preventing them from getting extra hits in. Plus, both paths rely on your Speed, Kido, Kendo, and Hakuda!

Tri Cero

I think the best Cero Path is the Tri Cero! Not only do you unleash a Cero beam straight ahead of you, that has a fairly large reach, but it then splits into 3. The 2 extra beams stretch out to the left and right side, morphing into AoE damage that attacks all nearby enemies.

As mentioned above, these beams have a decent reach, so they’ll hit enemies who are standing further away from you as well. Plus, there are some extra buffs that the Tri Cero provides!

The charge-up of Tri Cero scales with your Speed stat, so I recommend using your Skill Points for this stat in the skill tree. The damage dealt by Tri Cero also scales with your Kendo and Hakuda, with the overall size of the attack scaling with Kido. If you choose to go down this path, make sure your Kendo/Hakuda, Kido, and Speed skill trees are sufficiently upgraded!

Runner Up: Cero Cornea

I’ve picked Cero Cornea as the second-best as it also deals AoE damage in combat. You summon a green semi-circle on the ground that attacks all enemies who stand on top of it. This semi-circle knocks them back, which prevents them from hitting you.

Like Tri Cero, the charge speed of Cero Cornea scales with your Speed stat. The size of the semi-circle depends on your Kido level and the amount of damage you deal scales with both Kendo/Hakuda – similar to Tri Cero!